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Question for John Lear, Sleeper, others who claim to have "the answers"

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posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 02:24 AM
Since these people say they have been given insight into the deepest workings of the universe, I'd like to ask this:

Where, if at all, does our (human) perception of theoretical physics fit in? Have the aliens cleared up long standing mysteries, like that of quantum entanglement? Is string theory correct? Was Einstein wrong in assuming that we can't break light speed [This one is obviously true if UFO claims are true]? There are literally thousands of unanswered physics questions, and aliens with technology so far advanced on our own would surely have some of the answers.

I feel this is significantly important because of it, in my opinion, presents the best option for confirming ET contact next to that of the physical. Let's say the aliens gave Mr. Johnson the knowledge that proves that string theory is infact the unifying theory of the universe, and the mathematics to prove it. Mr. Johnson, when asked how he thought of this genius, replies that aliens told him. Maybe he wouldn't be believed at first, but once he starts proving more things that the aliens give him knowledge of then it would prove that he's not lying!

This is also my biggest obstacle in believing what John Lear etc. may say - Why HAVEN'T we received advanced knowledge? I'm sure the first explanation will be "they choose not to share it with us", but if Sleeper can have sex with alien women, then why can't he ask them about the universe's composition and laws?

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