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ATTN: Aliens, Foreign entities, and their representatives

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posted on Jan, 18 2004 @ 01:03 AM
I am a human being, and though this isnt an entirely original concept, I would like to make this peace offering to individuals of an inhuman nature currently present on Earth as well as those that are off-planet... once and for all. I am 100% serious and encourage other people with similar ideas to join me in this endeavor. A lot of sections in this announcement have to do with the entities that have been previously involved with Terran activities, however, the request for peace and understanding applies to all life-forms who are interested.

Cannot there be peace between humans and your people? I am not talking about peace like back in the Giza plateau during 10,500 BC. I'm not talking about having humans running around as animals, scurrying about with tools and cargo, delivering them to their masters. I am not talking about global manipulation, nor am I talking about defeating an idea before it is in effect.

Surely, our two races could prosper from said alliance, but is it really that impossible? We have been alongside for eons, yet the same strategy ensues for those that infiltrate human history: Hide, kill, manipulate. Hide, kill, manipulate. Can't you just imagine how much more pleasure would be abound if there was a functional trust and relationship with us, the global community?

Equality is just not a term that extends to humans. It extends to all forms of life, even all forms of devoid-life. The limitation of that equality cannot last forever this way, even if your people may prefer constant repetition and coordination with the past above all else. The constant in the known universe, is that in order to exist, you must consist of matter and/or mass. We both have that. Then, between cultures, loyalties are usually formed when they are intelligent and sentient enough to communicate and reciprocate with other societies. We both are fully capable of communication and are more than equipped for reciprocity: the returning of what we receive. Finally, we both share the same world. These three facets of our existence should be enough to guarantee a sense of equality between our peoples.

Humans and aliens CAN coexist peacefully and the closet-killing method is OUTDATED and OBSOLETE, is that not obvious? So somebody is dead and everyone in your circle is pleased that the spirit has left the body, or the adrenalchrome is fresh off the oven, or whatever other sick pleasure is derived from the induced death... so what?! Chances are, that spirit will just reincarnate all over again and be born into an even better life than before, thus negating the misery that was almost inflicted, but can never be. Do you not see the eternal JOKE before you?

I am calling for the end of this joke. The punchline is not that funny, and I don't think it ever was. I think that Enki realized all this, as did EA, as did Horus. Somewhere back in their collective memories is this knowledge. I think it can be done, in time, and with much deliberation. The way many of you play out that static form of existence is, simply put, primitive.

Remember one of your famous epics? Gilgamesh and Enkidu? They fought each other as the "alpha titans" of their respective packs all over Babylon, but in the end, they became great friends. Even when Enkidu was struck down by your own people, Gilgamesh pitied his former enemy's death and valued his memory.

A peace between us is possible. I am certain that the variety of people on this planet allows for the flexibilty and commonsharing of cultures that was never available before. Not even during Zep Tepi.

I ask that all of you come out and show yourselves to the general population. To you, the majority of that population may seem adversarial or otherwise discouragingly ignorant, but I can assure you that such a thing will change once peace is established between our people. To those of you who may engage in communications with our governments, I would like to inform you that such a method of operation is and has been totally unreliable.

We, as humans, have never had our voice expressed by any form of government, past or present, and therefore should be viewed as an inaccurate source of information. By coming to us, as a society, the rewards we both can reap are infinite and worth a shot, in my humble opinion. There is no need to fear either side, as we are all natural occurences of the Universe. That is enough for a bond of friendship in the natural order of things, and cannot be denied by any means.

Please consider my offer, regardless of your origins and history, and I wish you all the best that eternity has to offer.

posted on Jan, 18 2004 @ 01:16 AM
Right, so your offering peace, to aliens, on a message board, that most likely, no alien will ever read?

Are you high?

# aliens, invade, and I'll be #in one of yall in your lil alien asses.
I dont play that #.

lol Nah, but on a real note, it would be interesting to see aliens walk among us, without hiding.
Id rob one of em, but that's besides the point.

posted on Jan, 18 2004 @ 09:37 PM

Originally posted by AlnilamOmega
Please consider my offer, regardless of your origins and history, and I wish you all the best that eternity has to offer.
We mean no harm to the human being that is present on this planet we share. There does exist equality between you and I, under the creator of our universe. Unfortunately, we cannot make direct contact with the common people of your race. We prefer to deal with leaders of your race, those that specifically govern your race.

Many times, under treaties and pacts, have we exchanged our knowledge for the good of your race. This knowledge has been given to your leaders, and it is in your leaders where you should place the trust to reveal the pacts we have made.

This planet that we coexist on is but a speck in an endless stream of life. We understand the interconnectedness between all phenomena, on this planet, as well as between other planets and galaxies.

Our technology is not freely shared with your common people, but is placed in the hands of your leaders. It is in your leaders that you should place your trust to reveal the pacts we have made. Technology has been exchanged under these treaties, so that we may have the ability to coexist peacefully on the terran level. The technology that your leaders now possess has the ability to wipe all life off of this planet, but your leaders have assured that this will not happen.

We see many conflicts between your nations on this planet, so we cannot do anything to alter this natural phenomena. You, as a race, have the ability to think for yourself, and when it is shown that your nations can cooperated together peacefully, our direct communication will become known.

We communicate directly to your leaders and those who have the power to understand their relationship to all phenomena.

Your ancient ancestors understood their relationship to the cosmos, which brought our presence among the common people. Until this understanding of relationships and its expression by your people, we shall not communicate directly.

You see us with our technology, and understand it to be great.

You know that we are here, and it is your leaders that you must trust in to reveal our presence.

Just my own thoughts.

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