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An Analysis on the surge of Terrorism

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posted on Jan, 17 2004 @ 11:57 PM
ok, so everyone knows the government is rotten. but its not really the government; that's a patsy right? all that bureaucracy makes for a nice hiding place to sweep all the nasty stuff away, apparently. anyone can see that the system by design is totally inefficient.

so you add some fireworks to have a little sick fun to move things along.

you have people blow up some buildings, have them claim it for a [insert convenient media-byte here] because it's such a just cause, and have the other guys (that's our gov) clean up the mess and act all pissed about it.

you have people in saudi arabia blowing up US barracks (incident @ Ryadih of 1996) and other far more innocent targets only to clear the way for bin laden construction contracts to rebuild the damaged areas. you have people blowing themselves up in palestine so the other guys (thats our gov) so that the IDF can buy more weapons and ammo for their busy troops... their tanks and planes fighting machine gunners and infantry.

people are dying out there while others are signing contracts in return? WTF is this?! who the hell ever said "ok, wow what a good idea. lets kill someone; no, wait, a lot of people and invent all these laws and military force so we can protect them"

sounds like mafia insurance to me: "you pay US so we don't beat the crap outta YOU"

And, it is so wrong to use anybody like that; and to have so much collateral damage, like the injured soldiers posted there during that act of blow-this-up-so-we-buy-a-new-one in 1996. was starvation and disease getting to boring? or maybe war was getting a little cheap what with the nuclear bomb and all.

Doesnt that saudi arabia terrorist thing just piss you off, though? i mean... fine, i can understand "the infidels' violation of sacred territorry" idea and all... but... if you're going to give the contract to a family that funds and SPAWNS aggressive terrorists like ossssssssssssssssssssssssssama ... i mean, come on... theres nothing righteous or defendable about that.

a lot of us have to wake up and realize this. it is all to obvious that all of this terrorism, especially the "big" ones like the thing in Bali and that happening 2 years ago that everyone talks about, are staged efforts to turn the pillars of civilization.

they're itching to use a nuke, too. not the classic warhead, but a stealthy suitcase nuke for conventional detonation or for 'dirty bomb' use. they know that ppl arent dumb enough to believe a terrorist controlled a missle silo in south dakota and thus fired 10 warheads from those military bases, so they think that by selling the idea of some wacko with 200 million dollars is going to waste her investment (the suitcase nuke) via dirty-bomb, the people will eat the story up a-la 911

there has been a recent revival of the media's campaign alerting of the possibility of stolen nukes (again) and how a radiological dirty bomb could be so easily deployed (again). it has only been a year since their last "reminder" if anyone can remember. the bad news is the nazis arent so sure about taking out iran or syria or north korea for that matter, and they MAY feel the need to repeat a 911 to instigate the "need" to eliminate the so-called terrorist threat.

The moral of the story

next time you say "those durn terra-ists" think about what you read here, if you please, and remember: where do you think they get all those guns and bombs? you think this is the only country to have something like the patriot act stripping civil liberties away? nope. it's a lot worse in those places, and there's a lot of stuff under those rugs. This is evidence of how terrorists have to have a foreign source of armament and financial support.

Most of all, you NEED a covert ops agency to back you up or they will throw you in the hold before you do something out of their control. you NEED their control of the media and their flow of information so things don't get messy. you cannot, repeat, cannot be a terrorist without some kind of agency support.

just ask everyone's favorite terrorist Osama Bin Laden.
not only was he involved with Halliburton Oil negotiations, but also was a CIA agent planted there to help resist the incoming Soviet force. he had both the financial support from westerners AND he had arms supplied to him from the pros. thus, he was a terrorist.

[Edited on 1/18/2004 by AlnilamOmega]

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