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My predictions for the Bush 43rd administration.

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posted on Aug, 30 2007 @ 11:27 PM
I have a horrible feeling about the Bush administration. In the future there should be no reptiles, there should be no problems with people, people should volunteer to be interviewed in the media and they shouldn't be told what to say. I think that everyone here in America and all of you are courageous people and I don't think that you're sheep. I know that you are not pawns and I know that you will fight the government if they tell you that they want another war.

More problems will arise, people will feel bad about one another. People will eventually feel so catastrophic, that they will feel bad about what they have been doing, and they will feel like they have to cooperate with the government because they think that it's really bad, and they think that the Democrats will change things.

When they think that, they are wrong, and they are going to be in for a sorrowful disappointment. The two party system will basically render the illusion of us having Democracy and it will make it impossible for the government to solve its corruption. Those that think that Bush is the major cause of the corruption will not think too highly about what is about to go on.

Threats of war will arise, by the USA, and we will need to be forced to solve the problems of our world diplomatically. In order to do so, we need to drop the "labeling people terrorists act". The terrorists are just used as a medium for fear by the United States government! The Russians and the Allied forces are just training with their forces just to show a display of force to the rest of the world so that people will not revolt against them-- no one can now-- they have nuclear weapons.

Barack Obama, may beat Hilary Clinton, or Hilary Clinton may be President and Barack Obama may end up being Vice President. I highly doubt that they will have a successful last year in office with the 43rd administration. The bush administration... is indeed in a pitiful state.

One more thing, Bush isn't anything more than a capitalist business men that thinks in terms of entrepreneurship.


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