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What we don't say about Iran?

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posted on Aug, 29 2007 @ 05:04 AM
Remember reading about how Japan sent something like 8000 ballons with bombs to the US? I believe our government didn't speak of the threat until one became a problem of a small church group camping. If I recall two kids ran up to it and the bomb went off.

Why would we not speak of such things? I could only assume that we are trying to buy time to address the threat?

Now did this happen with Iran? If you remember about a year ago there was some news stories on a UFO in Iran that crashed. I believe the Iranian gov stated it was a UFO. Well it was reported to crash at BArez mounts in kerman. Barez is location of a nuclear facility. Could there be something carved in the mounts? Could this also be testing grounds for nukes in Iran? When I first saw a UFO story, I first thought that was bomb test so I searched accordingly and found someone went and did tests to find residue and some sort of material evidence.

Anyway just curious if anyone has researched this and what your findings maybe? Also anyone familar with the locals of testing grounds? how remote Barez is? And if this is true why the US would not speak of it? I mean we address every foul thing Iranian president says but not something like this, assumingly it is true they did run a test. Collecting evidence? Maybe not wanting to let them know we are onto them? I would think if it was true we would rather address it and put on the heat versus gather evidence to goto war. I would think try to stop it by external pressure versus waiting for enough grit to go in.

What we don't say cont.;
Now I always felt if we went into Iran say anytime now based on general findings we would cause great conflict with Russia/China. Do you agree? I am not very familar with how much a threat they are but China seems to have great manpower and weapons. Now that would put US into a position of not wanting that conflict but halting the Iranian potential threat right. Now would we almost have to wait for Iran to do something very harmful to us at home or against our troops in iraq in order to be able to move without causing Int'l threat from China/Russia?

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