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Video: Mike Huckabee Interviewed on FOX News Sunday (8/26)

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posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 10:09 AM
Mike Huckabee is interviewed by Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday.

Recorded August 26, 2007.

posted on Sep, 9 2007 @ 09:26 AM
I think i have realised something here. Back in my freshman year of high school i noticed during class project presentations, that people that used phrases such as: 'like, um..., and..., uhhh... you know, ect' with a frequency of 10-20% of thier words, its a good bet that the words the rest of the time, weren't worth listening to either.

A new addition to this, rule of thumb, May become the blinking rule. If you sustain a blinking frequency of blinks of 1 blink per second, for any 5 second period, with in a min, you should not be taken seriously. I am serious here, check out the frequeny of how many times people blink, i can not understand this at all. How can someone blink more time in 5 second then most in a full min? CrazyNess!

And speaking of crazyness, what about that poll they show??? The poll adds up to 69%
So lets give each one of the 6 the +3 margin of error... 84% and -3... 54%
... whats going on here???

Im so confused with the canidates... this guy seems less of an evil then the others... but the lesser of evils is still evil... what is the worst of all is that which is giving us this news... the mental media. This host seems to be a mess too. Giving soft questions and asking illogical questions such as, "You attack rommey on taxes, but YOU raised the Gas, tax, and wanted Ciggarets taxes' and... 'hmm... our 'think-tanks' say you increase spending, oh your liieing, you increase here and there' swing low there....

And... you can't go 10 minutes talking about the presidential campain, without talking up and about the new, mr. popular, man of the poeple, fuuture pawn and the world, hier to the role of John McCain, and recently entering the race, Fred Thompson!!! After a signifigent amount of time proping this 'prop' up, he has entered the race... a month from now... the picture will be clearer...

The host then spins it into, 'how would you liek to run with Rudy...
. The media is building towards something, the dream they call it, its the no lose senareo, a showdown between Smilin' Rudy and Hellery Rhotten Clinton... it is then, we are doomed to a certain demise, and the white flag is up....


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