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Cydonia and the infamous Martian landmarks

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 06:19 PM
I've seen on other sites, a focus on the infamous face seen in the Cydonia region of mars.

As interesting as this feature is, it often means that other areas of interest in the region get scant attention.

One of the things I've seen done with the 'face', is to mirror the image - essentially creating 2 facial images from one. Using this theory, I did the same thing to a shape near-by that jumped out and screamed "cat" at me when I first saw the image (from ESA)

Here's the orginal area - with points of interest numbered - cat face would be number 2 and the face being number 4:

So, here's the result of mirroring the each side - quite interesting results:

Best viewed from a distance - the above image shares a lot of lines with that of a tiger - even down to the pattern on the brow.

A bit later, I'll stick up some of the other interesting features, I've noticed.

I know theres always an element of "looking for a face and finding a face" - a bit like looking at clouds - but I've tried it on google earth and things don't jump out like they do on mars!


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