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God, nature, goodness and the law

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 02:21 AM
Im a believer that Christ was a real God in man situation and that he went the extra mile, death..resurection? to save us in the last days from evil and the second death, if we believe and seek.

But I have questions about how law is utilised and perceived in our modern existences.

Christ died on a cross, the cross represents many things, from psychedelic mushrooms to pagan beliefs to roman fear mongering and murder..

My goal is to make people view the law differently, as i see no need in the future for police for instance, or jails.

Rather the future I envision is filled with people who respect eachother, knowing they are natural beings, and one in a mind of forgiveness and celebration of living.

I have been cast aside my entire life. friends, family members, people I dont know. I often feel like im nothing, nowhere in a sea of darkness and misunderstanding. which gives me time to dwell.

I need love..bad (ladies 25-35 please apply
, but so does the law. Our legal system is frothing with bloodletting and mental disorder. By mainly white males who silently use these prisoners, yes many hainous that deserve a stoning because they are truly uncurable, they use prisoners etc. like they are slaves, which creates more evil. But people who use drugs are the main point in my issue, not incurable rapists thieves and killers, street monkeys as they could be termed.

And I will not promote drug use as it does open the mind if you have the right group of people who are intellectual and kind/honest enough to handle the stupidity of being on a drug.

Christ forgave the two criminals and said heaven was theres. were the criminals saved because they didnt sell out, but rather did what came naturally?

I like to believe, our sexual desires, our drug induced pleasure parties, our need for family, to procreate, to get drunk, to work hard, are natural. And greed and envy are what steer us today rather than a natural desire to live free in an understanding that law isnt bad, its just today we fear law, rather than revere law.

Any more thoughts..I wasnt sure where to place this post, I lost my first 5 paragraphs in a forum I wasnt allowed in.

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posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 02:56 AM
Hi, mastermind77,

Interesting post. Sorry you lost the first paragraphs. What the best forum here for talking about these types of perspectives is, I don't know, I am really only very superficially aquainted, so to speak, with ATS. Perhaps BTS is good, but that's just a guess.

This forum is for talking about the making of the encyclopedia called tinWiki, so it's probably not the place people will expect to find posts about topics like the things you are talking about. Anyway, again, interesting thoughts, at least to the degree that I was able to follow.


posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 05:21 AM
Wow. Do you have to take drugs to follow this post?

Ok here's my responses:

Your post : I'm surprised this hasn't been moved. Maybe the Mods dunno where to move it to

Your post sounds heavily drug-induced
but I will respond to what I understand from it.

Many if not most of us have always thought that aliens would be "good". We assumed that any society which is around long enough would evolve into a peaceful society without the need for policing. I was one of those people. My belief regarding that has changed. To me the Bible is proof that aliens can be "bad". IMO, even 1 million years down the line you will still have people who will break the law.

Finding love: Stop being needy and give up drugs. Problem solved.

God : I believe in God or whatever you want to call him/her/it, but the Bible has nothing to do with God. The Bible is about aliens. This is my belief as well as that of Michael Tellinger. IMO, God, like Mother Nature (same thing), is an entity which is beyond human understanding. God does not really care about the law/lawlessness of mere bio-organisms.

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