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does ammo need to be more deadly?

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posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 11:40 PM
is being in hell inspiring us to create better weapons to destroy our kind? does the thrill of the impact and destruction the round causes makes us want to create more destructive things to excite our excitement, overshadowing the truth of what these devices cause to our society?

i love our the gov. shows us effective weapons that strike targets and are precise, but what about the stuff they dont show us like the more deadly spread napalm SP? on innocent women and children, toxic agents. (whats up with the chlorine bombs?)

'i think effective needs to be more studied, cause i sure hate the videos of japan wwii. it's not neccessary or fair for me to die for what bush is doing... we have tons of tech that weapons could be made smart, humans are..

i really have no clue of smart weapons that are out. would like to hear about them..

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