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Something to chew on

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posted on Dec, 2 2002 @ 09:43 AM
The leaders of religon tend to use conspiracy theory as a kind of info freebie, a mind blowing give away that acts almost like a drug. It can hook the mind, and they know it well. The leaders line is that his word is law, and that only he and his followers hold the key to the future.

This comes up when they say "I am an angel/prophet/son of god and chosen to bring these words to you." and so on.

These are only second to the many glaring discrepancies of fact ebshrined in their theories. Like the reveries of paranoid psychotics, the tales of oberarching evil, no matter how outlandish, do often have a striking cohesivness to them, at least at first blush.

But inevitably a second and more critical appraisal begins to expose weak spots, cracks in the woodwork and frays in the weave, and soon the whole thing begins to come apart. The only available facts are really factoids, and I've found that few works meet even basic criteria for scholarship.

In a lot of ways the religon spiels remind me of the process of cults to brainwash recruits and keep the members in line. Once the infodrug takes hold, and they all hear the same line over and over, the mind no longer screens out the bs from the facts.

thats all for now.


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