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Crop Circle of War?

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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 07:19 PM

crop circle - Pewsey White Horse - August 4th

Okay wil be interesting to see interpretations of this circle but I find it myself huge in suggestion. People can whine about factual reality or interpretation all they like if they wish on this, bear in mind there is nothing factual about reading a circle in a crop. Its entirely specualtive and opinion based only.

The symbology of Pewsey bearing in mind is in relation to the dawning of a new age.

Firstly the centre of the circle - the crescent shape - or crescent moon

The triangle with its inner circle at the core

And that itself surrounded by a star which is also similar to the star of david laid upon itself.

The traingle is emphasized on the first circle with 3 traingles from each of its points. 3 target points.

These then are surrounded in the outher single by 9 blocks or houses if using zodiacal terms and reaching out on the outher circle with 9 points.

In relation also to the inner star having 9 points outward.

Now we could now spend forever producing links of what each shape and combination means in relation to various theologies, occult groups, and other influences throughout history.

I could probably even select the best of them to turn this to suit my own personal intuition and thoughts to match.

But thats pointless as we see time and time again this is just speculation and opinion and who can then tell in the flames of argument of details what threads of truth lie in the husks.

So im just goign to throw the basic out.

Consider what you will from the crescent moon and the middle eastern regions involved.

Consider what you will of the central triangle and the power of 3. Group of 3 or even 3 targets.

Make what you will of the 9 pointed star in relation to the country of 6 pointed star.

Consider the 9 houses involved.

3 targets. Look at a map from left to right - Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan

9 Houses - Israel USA UK Russia China Pakistan Iraq Iran Afghanistan

The 9 houses are not entirely what I think its just to illustrate the entire idea and perhaps start the ooooo no surely not - wait a minute idea into cosidering the arrangement.

Consider the tractor lines and its position within them - I am not entirely sure but its relation to long and lat - and possibly equator and tropics lines representation.

You may even want to look at this as the eye of the trainagle inside the power of the sun across the land of the crescent moon.

Now take any leap you want in association but one thing you can throw in is - your NWO reference to the powers that be, with the power of the sun, nuclear? across or from or within or of the lands of the crescent moon ?

This is purely speculation and opinion of course, and no offence into the forum but I think its rather pointless to really put more into this and I purposely am happy to be vague as ridicule and dismissal of a vague idea is the same as one with endless links and deeper explanations of symbols, directions and possibilities.

I am still intrigued by the 9 houses, as I have seen news reports of attacks on Iran within anything from 6 to 9 months.

There is other things to consider but out of the recent circles for August - this one I find the most striking in its efforts.

posted on Aug, 24 2007 @ 06:41 AM
I have no earthly idea how you come up with all that, it just looks like an odd sort of gear or Ship Captain's wheel to me. Great imagination though.

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