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My poltergeist experience

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posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 01:52 PM
Hey everyone! Ive been a lurker for a long time. At my old job, I could LOOK at the board but not post for some reason. Ive wanted to share this story since its happened but havent been able to. Well, I got a new job and now just writing from home.
Anyway - here goes. Sorry if it gets long.

Im a young girl from SO Cal. Last October, my brother and I took a monthlong tour of the UK.
Went through Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. My family descended from a family that owns one of the most haunted castle estates in Wales but thats a different story.

So while in Edinburgh, Scotland we had heard about this 'haunted edinburgh' tour. It seemed like a hokey spook thing. (My roomie had been one year earlier and suggested this tour to me)

So at 11pm we meet at this town square area. Theres about 20 people there. The tour guide tells us some creepy tale about how they used to burn witches on the spot we were standing and similar stories. Bla bla.

So we walk down the street into GreyFriars Cemetary. Its this HUGE cemetary that kind of has a 'hill' quality to it. She tells us that it used to be a valley but during the plagues, the bodies filled it up and there were over 440,000 bodies underneath us.
We walk further and theres this big wall where she tells us about Burke and Hare burried INSIDE the wall, and they were infamous murderers in the 1800s, etc. Kinda more spooky.
We walk even further, way into the back of the cemetry. Its all creepy and overgrown and some of the stones are broken down.
Theres this big tall iron gate that was called the "Covenenters Gate"
She then shows us a HUGE mausoleum behind us with a domed roof and a big acorn on the top. The man burried inside was this Lord back in the 1700s or so. He was really evil. People who would not convert to Protestant would be imprisoned in this area behind the covenenters gate. It was a long stretch of dirt with crypts on either side. This man would starve people, rape women and children. There are musket holes in the walls where he would execute people.
He would make people lie down in the snow and if they moved, he would shoot their loved ones. Evil guy. something like 10,000 people died under his 'name' within this covenenters gate area. (I have pictures, how do I post them?)
So the story is that in 1999, a homeless guy was wandering around the cemetary looking for shelter. He breaks into this mausoleum. At some point, he falls through the rotted floor, landing in old musty mold, bone dust, grime, whatever. At the same time, the cemetery watchman hears the commotion and goes to check it out.
They end up doing this Scooby Doo bump into eachother and scare the living daylights out of eachother.

So back to now - the guide tells us that the city shut down the Covenenters Garden after 1999 because of claims of attacks by a poltergeist. This company paid the city off and are the only owners to the key to this area. She also says that we will step into the gate one by one. If anyone falls down, we will immediately leave. She called them some sort of channel and said it would be extremely dangerous for them.
We all enter, no one falls down.
She says that the poltergeist tends to manifest in one of two crypts. So some dumb guy laughs and volunteers to test it out and walks into the first of the two. Hes pretty far back and facing the wall. He runs back out and is like "I didnt feel anything really strong but I felt really really uncomfortable." He said it felt like 100 angry eyes on him.
So we walk over to the other one and the guy starts getting really dizzy and scared. We all pile into this crypt. The guide starts telling us more of the story and how many people will see the same apparition in a certain corner of a monk.
I feel a pretty hard tug at my backpack but brush it off as some person behind me grabbing my backpack. (I still have no idea.) About 5 minutes later, my vision goes completely for about 4 seconds. Like a black out. (Its dark outside...)

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 02:01 PM
Ok sorry.

Its dark outside but you can still see. Big moon out.

So I get a little more nervous and my bro sees it and tells me not to lock my knees. He isnt scared at all at this point, he thinks its a bunch of crap.
Its been about...maybe 75 degrees this whole night. Suddenly it turns to about 60. We all go really really really cold within seconds. After about a minute it goes back up and the guide is visibly a little shaken.
She keeps talking and theres a scream from the back of the crypt and we all stampede out. This girl runs out last crying ad screaming about someones face in her face and she apparently fainted. So she yells some not nice words and her and her boyfriend start to quickly leave the group but she falls down again (faints). He grabs her and shes freaking out even more and they RUN out of the cemetary. We all kind of go..."um. ok" and file back into the crypt.
Talking more, etc and another cold drop.
I hear a loud thud right behind me and once again we all run out. Now a girl is being carried by two men. They lay her on the ground outside and shes in full on body shake siezures. Shes mumbling incoherent thing and shaking her head back and forth really violently. Someone slaps her face and she stops and sits up. She starts to hyperventalate and cry and runs out of the area with her friends behind her.
The guide tells us that fear really fuels the poltergeist and now its probably not safe to reenter. We gladly agree and start to leave. While walking back I ask my bro to look at my face. It feels like a stinging bugbite on my whole cheek. He says it looks sort of red. By the time we get back to the road, I have a full on red slap print on my face. You can see the fingers, palm, everything right across my face like someone slapped me. I never felt anything except now the intense stinging and hot fire feel on my face.
The guide took me into her office and spoke with me. She took some pictures and said I was going to be a case file. And I got two free tickets to go back.

So thats pretty much it. Scared the bejesus out of me but its a fun story.
If someone tlls me how to post pictures, I have some!

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 03:59 PM
Interesting experience, one you'll never forget I'm sure. I saw my first ghost at age 4 or 5, it was of a little boy that died in the house where my aunt and uncle lived. The boy lived in the 1800s, and now the house is a bed and breakfast. Since that time, I've had a number of other experiences, some were good, some were dreadful. Thanks for sharing your experience.

If you get a chance, take a look at this site for Paul Eno.

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 04:07 PM
Wow, quite and experience. Im going to scotland next april, do you have any other informormation on the tours or do you know where i can find some info?

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 04:36 PM
Yes, its in Edinburgh, the tours are called "City of the Dead Tours". They have these little kiosks set up around with pamphlets. Its weird, cause you just show up at this mid town statue at 11pm and theres about 20 other people there and the tour guide just shows up. Its the GreyFriars Cemetery near the statue of GreyFriars Bobby. If you tell anyone that, they will know exactly what youre talking about.

Its definately worth it. I think it was like ten bucks or something. You definately should go on the tour.

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 04:38 PM
Oh yea - and down the street from the cemetery is a bar called Frankensteins. Its all mad scientist themed and at midnight a frankenstein comes out of the ceiling. There are test tube shots and crazy dance party music. Really cool vibe. Two stories, so my bro and I ended up sitting on the upper story, drinking and watching the dancers below and we had a great view of the Frankie.

Inverness is also a must see.

Sorry I could go on for days about it.

posted on Aug, 23 2007 @ 07:27 PM

Originally posted by DingoJane
Oh yea - and down the street from the cemetery is a bar called Frankensteins. Its all mad scientist themed and at midnight a frankenstein comes out of the ceiling. There are test tube shots and crazy dance party music. Really cool vibe. Two stories, so my bro and I ended up sitting on the upper story, drinking and watching the dancers below and we had a great view of the Frankie.

Inverness is also a must see.

Sorry I could go on for days about it.

That's awesome sounds like you had a pretty good time. I'm kind of wary about ghost tours but this one sounds interesting.

posted on Aug, 27 2007 @ 04:39 PM
reply to post by DingoJane

Hi DingoJane,

Download your images from your camera to your hard drive (I am assuming you already know how to do this), then upload them to Image Shack (or the like).

BTW, very cool experience you had there.

Take care,

posted on Aug, 28 2007 @ 01:28 PM
The Acorn Masoleum

Random Gravestone

Covenenters Garden

There you go. Hopefully they worked....

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