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Roswell 1947 - Would You Disclose It?

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posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 06:11 AM
OK before i begin this i need to make something clear. This is not about factually trying to figure out roswell. For all those who will click on this thread to debunk it, this will be a hypothetical scenario so please take the scenario as true. I doubt aliens have visited us, i havn't found any evidence yet, but that is a small point.

The Scenario

A large flying disk hits the ground, the military is alerted and quickly cordon off the area. They examine the crash site and find to their amazement that they have a crashed alien craft, along with aliens. The aliens themselves are dead but it's clear they are intelligent beings able to build these craft which can defy our known physics. Suddenly the years of reports of UFO's flying about make sense, it's all true, and they're alien not a foreign power.

The remains are quietly removed and stored in secret bases, and now a decision must be made. Should we tell the world or cover it up? Well lets take a look at the world at this point. The world is rather unstable, world war 2 has only just finished. The United States and other countries still have some forces occupying europe. The economic stability of the world is also looking a little sensitive.

There had been a massive panic in 1938 with the "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast. Many people had fled cities, some claimed to have seen flashes of light. It was clear people couldn't handle the idea of aliens, granted the radio said they were invading but the obvious reaction to something of that nature is there.

The beginning seeds of the cold war were being sewn, europe actually looked like it could turn into a communist block, Great Britain was especially worried about this i think.

People all over the world had been worn down by all sorts of problems continually hitting them, we could even throw in the great depression, it was well before 1947 but following it was hardship for years. One big thing after another.

So with all of this going on (and i only covered a tiny slice) would you disclose to the world that yes aliens exist? I don't think i would, no i would cover it up and try to figure out a way to slowly introduce the idea of aliens to the general public. The idea of friendly aliens who wouldn't harm us. I would start with media outlets and later try to move it into mainstream science. Increasing the idea of possible alien life would be a big part of it, and then showing a way they might reach earth.

All the time i would be back engineering technology in case the aliens were hostile, i would also want it so i am superior against my eathly enemies.

So accepting the hypothetical scenario and everything that was going on in the world, and everything that had gone on for 30 years before the incident, would you disclose such a massive bomb shell to the public? IF you would then how would you go about it?


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