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Moon Volcano

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posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 05:03 AM
I just found an interesting article on volcanic activity on our own moon:

"In October 1963, two cartographers with the Air Force Aeronautical Chart and Information Center saw a strange glow on the moon. Using the 24-inch refractor telescope at Lowell observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, James Greenacre and Edward Barr saw a deep, ruby-red glow coming from the crater Aristarchus. The sighting might have been glowing gas from volcanic activity, and a second sighting in November of that year was verified by Dr. John Hall, Director of the observatory at the time."

Isn`t Aristarchus the location of John Lear`s "fusion reactor?"I wonder if those photos were taken around the same time (1963 ish)
Looks like an top place to visit on the next trip to the moon.Also the article mentions "moonquake" activity:

""Many moonquakes are from meteorite impacts or tidal stress from Earth's gravity, but there are these other moonquakes that we can't explain," said Goddard's Dr. Patrick Taylor, Principal Investigator for the mission. "Our mission will help understand their cause by revealing the layers of the moon, its composition, and how it is cooling."

So our moon is still active in some ways-Hopefully this increases the scientific value of sending more humans there.

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