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Stub banner icon

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posted on Aug, 20 2007 @ 11:42 PM
William One Sac and others,

Now and then I have thought that the stub banner icon(s) appears slightly "severe", and right now I was looking at the Terror Storm page and so I did a little experimentation in an image editing software to try and make a more "quiet", so to speak, version of that icon.

Here is the result: smallstubiconkw9.png. If there's any interest in trying out a smaller stub banner icon then I am giving this version on the tinWiki Creative Commons terms, something like that, so it can freely be used in the stub banner if you wish. The background is transparent, by the way.

I am not exactly an artist or such, so I expect that a better icon can easily be found. However, like I say, personally I think it could improve the appearance of the stub pages to have a stub banner icon with smaller dimensions, and maybe with somewhat bleached out colors.

Anyway, I wanted to mention this since it was something I have thought about.


posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 08:30 AM
That is a great idea, and I like the new stub much better.

Make it so!

posted on Aug, 22 2007 @ 02:30 PM
Thank you, I was really happy when I saw your reply, I took it as a great vote of confidence as they say. :-)

I have gone ahead, then, and updated the stub banner with the new icon which I made by editing a little bit the original one. At the same time, I took the liberty of updating the Fix banner (which also had the same icon in it) likewise, for consistency and so on.

By the way, the Fix banner was actually something I only noticed today, or at least I don't remember having noticed it before. Actually, when I noticed the Fix banner is also when I realized that there is something called Template that controls the appearance of those banners, and so it was because of knowing about the Templates I was able to do this updating now.

Looking around for information about the Templates, I found a page through Help (in the "Editing the Tinwiki" page) that is a page for listing all tinWiki Templates (as I understood it), but there was no content in the page I found and so I went ahead and listed the Templates there which I now happily realized I know about, namely Stub, Fix, and, also, Today.

About updating the icon, if there are any more Templates, other than Stub and Fix, that use the Stub icon, I would be happy to update those Templates also. However, in the tinWiki articles I have seen, I haven't really noticed any other banners. I can't even remember having seen the Fix banner before, until I noticed it today, and that wasn't even in an article but through the Categories page..

Of course, it could be good to have the other Templates, if there are others, listed in the Templates overview page.

Anyway, again, I am very glad you supported this idea. Looking at the difference now, the new version of the icon does take only as much attention as it seems it should, and so I feel this little cosmetic, so to say, adjustment is very successful. Of course, if anyone should come up with an icon that is better still, then like I mentioned I definitely understand that the Template(s) should be updated again.

I think this was pretty exciting. :-D hehe Not sure why, perhaps it's because I have thought that something or other ought to be done about the icon, and now I was myself involved in doing it.


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