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Suggestion Regarding Access to Chat

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posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 03:25 PM
I notice that to participate in ATS chat, a member needs to have 200 posts. My suggestion is that access should be based on points rather than number of posts. I reason it this way.

If I understand correctly, any posts made to any thread would count including the frowned upon one liners and even those posts that sometimes generate a warning for one reason or another. When, however, access is based upon points, this encourages members to create thought provoking threads whose replies from other members I believe help to earn that person points. Should a member merit a warning, again I believe points are deducted for this which offers everyone an incentive to be mindful of actions that could lead to a warning.

Additionally, members who earn extra points for things such as applause would benefit more favorably from this system than one that merely counts posts. I realize that this type of change would shift the focus from encouraging members to submit posts to favoring situations where members start new threads. I think though that the point value for chat access could be based on the average number of points that one would earn say, for example, for 200 replies or something similar. Again, if a member earns extra points for something then that person comes that much closer to chat access.

These are just some ideas I had that I thought I'd share. Of course, if I am mistaken with any of the facts upon which my ideas are based , I apologize in advance and look forward to correction in those areas.

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posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 03:31 PM
Just open it up after a 'length' of time here - and then go from there.
If they need to be banned, they will be from chat and from here.

Forget the points because it has the same limitation as what you brought up with not being able to make enough post.

It comes down to simply the fact that users who misuse chat will be banned - as far as getting in sooner, if they opened it up say after a year or so... and/or number of post/points etc...that may work...but until then - its time to get posting.



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