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The 33rd Parallel: My experience and yours

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 10:09 AM
I've heard a bit about the 33rd parallel, and I checked the map to see that indeed that's where all of the world's greatest ancient civilizations have sprung up around the world, all along the 33rd.

And places of "power", where locals have weird arse stories that go beyond your average indigenous folktales can be found all along the 33rd parallel. Places where monuments and monoliths from ancient times stand. There are books on this stuff, the Bermuda triangle for example is on/near 33rd parallel.

Anyways, on my vacation with my girlfriend and her family this year we had traveled to South Carolina just above the 33rd parallel, in a quaint place just south of Myrtle Beach. Charleston is just south of the 33rd, and Charleston was a 45 minute drive from our location. So we were just north of the 33rd by a few miles i suppose.

The weird thing is, I didn't even know at first. But after everyone seperately gave me stories of having bad sleep the night before and/or wild dreams, like the craziest they've ever had as they said, I began to wonder, and looked into it and saw that indeed we were right along this line. I myself experience very vivid dreams and a general feeling of being "closer" to God, or something powerful beyond normal means, paranormally powerful I guess. I kept that to myself, but my girlfriend and her Father both gave me accounts of the "strangest dream they ever had" without me asking about it. Something weird was going on.

Then I thought about the local people; certainly they'd have to experience weird dreams and weird feelings quite often considering they lived there right? So that could debunk the theory. But what I came up with in response to that is, perhaps certain people are more susceptable to those types of energies or "experiences", and also, people not used to that energy or power or whatever it may be would experience it more-so. Maybe people who move there to live there get these types of experiences and then after a month or two it dissipates as they become used to their surroundings and used to the climate, even the extraordinary energy that may run straight through their towns.

I was wondering if anyone else has had any crazy experiences involving the 33rd parallel, anywhere in the world, such as odd dreams, a lack of sleep, very strong and weird feelings/emotions/visions/day dreams .. this kind of thing, even apparitions or psychic moments. Even deja vu.

Anything substantial about the 33rd, lets hear it!

I'm quite interested after the experience.

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