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Concentration Camps Without Walls in the UK

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posted on Aug, 18 2007 @ 07:42 AM
Concentration Camp Without Walls – From the Diary of an Organised Stalking Victim

I wish to share with you my experiences at the hands of extremist right here in the UK and it is presently ongoing. Some years ago I was working at a firm of chartered surveyors. In my role as an asset management surveyor, I was tasked to act on behalf of landlords of properties in London. The landlords were often pension fund institutions, investment firms and corporations that employed our firm to manage their leases and maintenance of these properties. One day my supervisor instructed me to make contact in person with the office manager of El Al airlines administrative offices in Oxford Street. Other lease holders in the property were complaining that the security staff of the airline offices, renown for extraordinary security, were going into their demised spaces after office hours and defecating and abusing their female worker's belongings such as cardigans, toiletries and seating as well as the
women's WC.

My employer and I realised the sensitivity of this situation and opted not to issue a formal written warning to spare embarrassment to the Israeli national airlines, but to have a discrete chat with the office manager to quietly resolve the matter. On my arrival at the offices I meet the manager and made it clear that the situation was appalling and criminal and that if the police were informed it would reach the press. He was very professional and understood the matter was intolerable and he would take action. As I left the building and made my journey to Oxford Street tube station, a vehicle packed with men whom I recognised as some of the security staff from the airlines offices roared to screech beside me and turned into the road I was about to cross. They were all looking closely at me in a hostile and intimidating manner.

For a time I knew I was followed around by the same individuals in the car often turning up in my neighbourhood or being in the same cafe or restaurant I frequented but it dwindled off. In the last couple of years I started dabbling in a bit of blogging and writing on all sort of current affairs issues on the internet. One of the sites I wrote in is Ohmynews, a Korean sponsored international citizen journalist web site. I took part in the "Talkback" section and the commentary section where up on I had a number of heated debates with Israelis and Americans. Topics we discussed ranged from their opinions of all Muslims to the shelling of the Palestinian family on a Gaza beach. Of course I took great pains to be factual, incised their sweeping statements and justified my opinion in context of historical and legal precedents and often demolishing their arguments.

One day my computer crashed and was permanently inoperative and I took it to a work colleague who is proficient with computers. He managed to access the dos files and the bios where he found an encrypted programme running in a partitioned section of my hard drive sweeping all the data on my laptop. My colleague said that he had never seen anything like it and that it appears like some sort of "data sucking" programme that uploads information to a remote site when the laptop is connected onto the internet.

Some weeks later I noticed that I have been followed everywhere I go whether on foot or by car. Lately the following has gotten so extreme that cars tailgate with drivers openly speaking into walkie-talkies and at supermarkets where individuals with heavy duty black earpieces saunter up to my shopping carts and note what I am purchasing and walk away. Even if I look at an article on a shelf, these individuals trip over themselves to look at what I have touched.

There are largely two groups that tail me every where; the first clearly professional or university student age, clean cut and white and if in a vehicle it is often high end or rental. The second group seem to be made up of Thai looking individuals and Central to Southern Africans both clearly incongruous in their cars and clothes. A few months ago, colleagues from my previous place of work invited me to a meal near Baker Street; on my journey home, in the tube, I noted a group of four men suddenly surround me in a relatively clear platform and they fell in step. As we approached the exit, one rushed in front of me and came to a stop while the other reached into his pocket and tried to barge into me. The other two formed a screen. I quickly spun around to escape the sudden convergence of bodies and escaped to another exit. Frighteningly they all followed me until I headed for a crowd. I noted the upset look on their faces and they seemed to have a striking resemblance to the airlines security staff.

Lately the following around has taken a life of its own and has developed into harassment with my car regularly damaged and the windows of my house broken. I realised that I was facing some sort of stalking and was horrified to discover that the treatment I am being subjected to is well known phenomenon known as 'cause stalking' or 'gang stalking' and it is akin to Nazi Germany's Jew Baiting. Of course I have approached the police who found the allegation incredible. Interestingly, they have strung me along and have not investigated the evidence I have provided which
included video, cctv and third party witnesses. In fact I believe that the stalking harassment is now being instigated by junior police officers whom I have seen in cars that are stalking me and had subsequently recognised when I had made my complaints at the police station. Nevertheless, with persistence and due to the approaches I have made to the press the police appear to be reluctantly taking an interest. Photographs and car registration numbers amongst other privately collected evidence has been resubmitted to the local police CID office.

Other steps I have taken include securing support from my community, who believe me whole heartedly, and who have informed me that other Somalis have been subjected to this kind of harassment. It seems to our elders that someone or some group is selectively harassing males of our community to stoke up some kind of reaction. Since I was brought up in the UK and see myself as British, I have not lived within the community and live a basically British lifestyle.

Please understand that I am 40 years old, a working professional of good character and absolutely no criminal record, not even a speeding ticket. The harassment began on or about March 2006 and occurs daily, in the tube, on foot and when driving. Despite this unendurable goading, insults startle tactics, I have yet to loose my temper. Incidentally, when ever there is a particularly harsh incident to which I do not respond, I invariably discover police officers in the vicinity. On one occasion, when a young woman pushed me from behind with her hands I instinctively refrained from reacting to this otherwise respectable looking youth and turned around to head for the direction I came from only to discover two police officers creeping behind a corner and occupied police car standing by.

The harassment I face manifests itself distinctly and appears to be a strongly defined methodology which happens all the time when I step out of my front door. This I realised immediately when it started. Initially I was very frightened and thought that I had come under some kind of state sanctioned investigation for what ever reason they may have but what troubled me the most was the determination of my stalkers to make it known to me that I was being followed and intimidated. I know that the authorities are extremely sophisticated and that if I was under some genuine and legal investigation I would not know and live in ignorant bliss. Further more, it would culminate into something or evaporate with me none the wiser.

Having made my complaints to the police over the matter I realised two things, the first being the British police will do nothing to help, secondly the organised stalkers were becoming more and brazen in their abuse of me. So I decided to research the matter and speak to people specializing in victims of abuse and stalking.

At first I objectively itemised what these stalkers did. According to my daily experiences; I was followed by car and on foot by multiple individuals, these individuals would go through a routine when they would approach me as if it was some kind of protocol such as stop next to me brace their stomach with both hands, wipe their hand over their mouth without touching it, comb their fingers through their hair even if they are bald and then walk away. This regime of gestures, on their own not worth noticing, were quite frequent and was only conducted in front of me regardless of whether I was in the supermarket or standing at a bus stop. These individuals topped of this activity with a glazed and blank expression and appeared to be there only to do that task. They either do not wait for a bus or walked out of the supermarket empty handed. Other bizarre occurrences I describe as ‘trains’; for example, I would have up to ten individuals at one period approach me as I went about my business, they would produce the same kind of mobile phone from a bag, aim it at me like a gun and withdraw it back into their bag. These incidents happened almost daily for a few months. On the odd occasions an unknown individual on their own would feign to produce something from their holdall or handbag and smirk. Similarly, other events would consist of barging campaigns also involving more than several persons taking turns to bump into me as I walked down the street over a few metres but this quickly stopped when many of them merely bounced off me and fell. When these incidents occur the stalkers are always present within my field of view. So the effect of the harassment is compounded and my reactions observed.

I also noted when driving, even in the remotest roads, the same three of four cars on any given day will take turns to follow and lead me to my destinations. When leaving, these cars would suddenly emerge from side streets or verges and resume the journey with me. If I do stay out too long, these stalkers start to perform hostile acts such as boxing me in or driving extremely slowly to my front or forcing me off the road with a slow careful turns. Of course I have given the vehicle registration numbers to the police with no avail. Lately when I leave my neighbourhood or return home from work in the evening the same two police cars approach me with sirens wailing regardless what time or on what route I am on which leads me to conclude either these police cars traverse the borough at high speed all the time or are there to escort me to and from my home. On reflection I suspect it is some kind of alert system to stand up or stand down my local stalkers. The local Police Station is Tottenham, which is infamous for sudden death syndrome of black males in their control.

Like I said previously, I long ago realised that what is happening to me appears to have no legitimate reason or purpose other an aim to harass and traumatise. Maybe it is the efficacy of these tactics that is being analyzed but I do not know to what end since the consequences are self evident. The closest analogy I can imagine is a comparison to the feeling of rape brought about by a loss of privacy, the trespass of personal space, violation of dignity and trivialisation of a life by multiple unknown individuals who jealously guard their own anonymity as they perpetrate their crimes.

From my research I have discovered that some of the strange events that surround me are similar to the procedures used for neuro-linguistic programming as used by marketing companies and athletes for positive reasons and cults for control purposes. In the case of marketing campaigns many devises are used such as associative and vernacular references to induce a desired outcome. For example, if you recall the Marlboro Cigarette campaigns involving the Marlboro cowboy on horse back superimposed on the vista of the great outdoors. Well that was about the language of free West, elbow room, the vanguard, fresh air all designed to induce a deep sigh from the observing subject. Whether an individual noticed the bill boards in great detail or not the effect was all ways the same. Now imagine the same tactics used day in day out specifically designed for a negative outcome. In my case the neuro-linguistic ‘assault’ is negative and more complex involving anchoring techniques meaning using an everyday article or event to illicit a negative reaction from the subject. Normal everyday errands and journeys are reduced to traumatic experiences with bizarre and distasteful events choreographed to meet the subject unexpectedly and with high frequency.

So having discovered this, I was informed that other techniques will be used including doping and subliminal electronics devices employed to enhance any trauma felt and induce confusion. My contact advised me on how to detect this and understand what was being done. Consequently I purchased a frequency counter and a tri-field meter to read anomalous electromagnetic fields. My first readings where localised to the rooms in my house I spend the most time in and led out to three properties surrounding my house in highly directional cones. The readings were of a resonating frequency of 225 to 230 MHz pushed along at 2.4 to 2.5 milligauss. Interestingly, I also found out that the central nervous system also operates at a strict 225 MHz. Other readings I took indicated the localised use of microwaves beyond the pulsed microwaves employed for mobile telecommunications. Although difficult to capture, I took a couple of readings of 0.24 mW/cm2 aimed at my face when I was alerted to sudden heat to my ear and cheek that dissipated almost immediately. I have felt the same sensation in bed to one knee cap, not the joint which would allude to a physiological disorder, and to the connective tissue of the Achilles tendon and the heel bone of one foot to the other leg. These two sensations would dissipate immediately when I relocated to another bedroom. Readings with my noise meter indicated the presence of high frequencies of 420+MHz when I was alone in a room inducing the sensation of vibrations in my chest and stomach that seemed to reverberate for sometime after I know there was no signal. During these events my eye sight blurred and I felt nauseas when I have never been prone to this feeling even when ill. As a building surveyor I have most of these equipments but bought others to monitor my environment.

Other incidents consisted of doping and poisoning attempts which I had been warned of by victims with whom I have made contact. On one occasion the inside of my car was sprayed with a whitish grey powder with the consistency of talcum powder stuck to the inside of the windscreen with static electricity. That particular day in early June was humid, recently raining, the temperature was about 140 C and overcast but when I started my car and drove off the residue on the window quickly dissipated. The effect on me was a tingling to my fingers, sudden rush of blood to my head and a high pitched ringing in my ears and I felt very uncoordinated although quite alert. The substance in my car smelt like an organophosphate pesticide which I am familiar with through my gardening. Subsequently I investigated the possibility of what the substance was on account of its properties and physiological effect on me. I surmised that the chemical was manganese dioxide and considered the source for the perpetrator to be ordinary alkaline batteries. The outer cathode of the battery is 85% manganese dioxide and is hydrated by a sulphuric acid 5% diluted in water 10% of total quantities. The tingling sensation to my hands, when I made contact with the stirring wheel of the car explains the assumptions made. Furthermore, by inhaling the air in my car I was in effect freebasing the compound which explains the rapid ingestion and its effects.

I know that manganese dioxide is black but the grey colour of the compound I found suggest that it was ‘cut’ with something else perhaps talc. Another possibility is established from my recollection of mischievously playing with a CO2 fire extinguisher as a child. I recall that the CO2 powder adhered to class and plastic with electrical static very much like the substance I found in my car. I considered the possibility that a small quantity of dried and crushed manganese dioxide could be inserted into a CO2 extinguisher while it is being recharged giving it a greyish tint and allowing it to fix to the interior of the car and allowing the CO2 powder to dissipate quickly. In my case the humidity of the day may have slowed down the process allowing me to witness the attack.

So who are these people contributing to this persecution and silent murder I am complaining about? I know who the instigators are as I have previously indicated, but the large quantities of individuals are networked. I also notice that they are a diverse bunch being made up of all kinds of people but stalking events seems to show up certain peculiarities; for example as I returned from work one evening I was surrounded at a Turnpike Lane bus depot by a group of middle aged to elderly people of west African origin. Ostensibly they did not appear to be with each other, all sported large vulgar looking crosses worn on the outside of their clothing and they positioned themselves several metres around at exit points but all facing me as if on guard duty. I have never seen these people before nor paid any attention to them other than impartial observation as one would do when out. Unusually, these people displayed hostile disapproving looks and took the pose of standing at some kind of guard duty. Two of these individuals mounted the same bus as I and maintained the manner of an escort around me as I sat through the journey. At various stops along the way more of these overt cross wearers mounted the bus and sat as close to me as possible. An individual amongst this gang wore an old child’s rosary beads in an incongruous and unaccustomed manner. She sat across from me and positioned herself at an awkward angle to expose what she was wearing. Once I had noticed the cross she immediately alighted the bus with others. I presume the task for that day was to highlight some kind of ubiquity of religious cross wearers in the London Underground, bus terminals, buses and bus stops but the pertinent point I make is that they were all of the same kind of people.

Other stalker groups consist of what I call the Golders Green Brigade, all Jewish and middle class looking. There is also a Brazilian squad largely made up of moped delivery boys that escort me in and out of my neighbourhood when driving. Other organised stalkers are units of Afro Caribbean individuals that seemed to be closely tide to the police. In fact, from about April of this year to early July the Metropolitan Police initiated Operation Vinci which aimed to push out criminality from the A10 corridor from the M25 to the London Borough of Hackney. Any known criminal was stopped and searched and there were rapid response units deployed to deal with incidents. Weirdly it appeared a network of informants of largely Afro Caribbean origin were employed to keep watch at intersections and long stretches of the thoroughfare often sporting paramilitary style kaki or black coloured baseball caps. These individuals used Stasi like hand signals and worked in pairs deployed across the street from each other with mobile phone earpiece wires under their tops and emerging from their collars and connecting to their ears. These individuals paid special attention to me when I pass them often stimulating their Stasi talking hands or a quick mobile phone call. These individuals ranged from all ages and sexes, appeared to be mainly low income and undoubtedly some had previous careers as petty criminals. Normally they were dishevelled but wore a newly purchased item of clothing such new trainers or jackets. They have obviously been paid to do what they were tasked and did it with great enthusiasm, perhaps for some misguided idea such as for Queen and country. It is a shame they are so profoundly ineffective in raising their own families as law abiding productive citizens. I suppose they think they are now making amends by hounding far more successful fellow citizens from other ethnic communities.

The final group of stalkers I have identified consist of mainly white British individuals of all socioeconomic groupings with the lower income and or lower class individuals most vicious and contemptuous. They are also unusually cautious of being observed and taking flight if a camera is produced. This group have often put me is great physical danger on the road and have attempted to poison me as I have described before. They also appear to be highly networked and well trained often coordinating stalking events with perfect timing and bizarre incidents to perfection. My contact informed me that a lot of these individuals are Freemasons of lower to mid range rank chasing their ‘degrees’. Apparently, other victims have had their stalkers followed to their home address and had later identified them and their affiliations to particular Freemason Lodges. He also told me that they often hire out their services of harassments and stalking or a member complainant submits a victim’s details for judgement and punishment in some underground court.
I do believe Freemasonry, criminal gangs and political groups are involved in organised stalking. They are the instigators and organizers having worked very hard to have the required laws passed and relevant institutions set up. Unfortunately, anyone in any official capacity of senior officer rank in the civil service or any level of the Police Force can initiate an investigation. In 2000 the Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) was passed allowing any lowly constable to initiate investigation on any individual with a large budget allocated as long as and application is signed off by a senior officer or civil servant. Reference links:
So when the target reacts to the harassment and corrupted “investigation”, then the case is referred to the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre otherwise known as the Home Office secret stalker squad as it is commonly called by practitioners of silent murder. I have been told up to 4000 people a year are chosen for this treatment and it is sustained for 1000 indefinitely. Of course the good men of the Freemasons will offer a helpful hand as part of the police informer network and readily employ their own stalkers tactics to induce fear and paranoia in their target to sustain the funding from the public purse. There is no external oversight with this process and it is exempted from the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act 1998 because it is an on going investigation.
United Kingdom

References: example of weaponised microwaves example of incidence of
organised stalking

Accession Number : ADA118364
Title : Hyperthermia in Rhesus Monkeys Exposed to a Frequency (225 MHz) Near Whole-Body Resonance,
Personal Author(s) : Lotz, W. G.
Handle / proxy Url : Check NTIS Availability...
Report Date : 01 JUN 1982
Pagination or Media Count : 13
Abstract : Exposure of rhesus monkeys to 225 MHz radiation caused severe hyperthermia at power densities greater than 5 mW/sq cm (2.3 W/kg). A comparison of body temperature responses to exposure at two frequencies, 225 and 1290 MHz, indicated that the resonant frequency (225 MHz) is at least two times more effective in causing hyperthermia than the higher frequency, even after considerations of specific absorption rate are included in the analysis. It was concluded, therefore, that the effects on rhesus monkeys of exposure to a resonant frequency (225 MHz) were substantially greater than what could be predicted based upon straightforward comparisons of dosimetric information (SAR) and the effects of exposures to a much higher frequency (1290 MHz). (Author)
Subject Categories : RADIOBIOLOGY


Inhalation can cause a flu-like illness (metal fume fever). This 24- to 48-hour illness is characterized by chills, fever, aching muscles, dryness in the mouth and throat and headache. May irritate the respiratory tract. May increase the incidence of upper respiratory infections (pneumonia). Absorption of inorganic manganese salts through the lungs is poor but may occur in chronic poisoning.
May cause abdominal pain and nausea. Although they are poorly absorbed through the intestines, inorganic manganese salts may produce hypoglycemia and decreased calcium blood levels should absorption occur.
Skin Contact:
No adverse effects expected.
Eye Contact:
May cause irritation, redness and pain.
Chronic Exposure:
Chronic manganese poisoning can result from excessive inhalation and ingestion exposure and involves impairment of the central nervous system. Early symptoms include sluggishness, sleepiness, and weakness in the legs. Advanced cases have shown fixed facial expression, emotional disturbances, spastic gait, and falling. Illness closely resembles Parkinson's Disease. Kidney effects, blood changes and manganese psychosis also may occur as a result of chronic exposure. Chronic inhalation exposure can cause lung damage.
Aggravation of Pre-existing Conditions:
Persons with impaired respiratory function, psychiatric or neurological disturbances, and nutritional deficiencies may be more susceptible to the effect of this substance.



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