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Anyone care to take a shot at interpreting this?

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posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 10:14 PM
The other night my wife had an interesting dream...

Someone was at the door and when she answered it, there was a Native American standing there. He tossed a pile of animal skins on the porch and began asking questions about if we do any hunting... he doesn't come in.

Meanwhile though another man finds his way into the house and my wife finds him in the bedroom where I'm at. For some reason, the guy is trying to forcibly take my shoes, which I refuse to give to him.

A third man, this one with blonde hair is there trying to sugar talk my wife, giving her compliments.

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 10:45 PM
Edit: I presume the OP read my analysis so I think I'll remove it because these things can get too personal for public display.


[edit on 8/17/2007 by kinglizard]

posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 10:57 PM
I'm game. (Catch the pun? Anyone?)

Let's look at what the symbols could mean individually.

The Native American could mean that your wife has an untamed streak, a wild part of her character, that is feeling constrained by society's mores. She'd like a little freedom for some aspect of herself.

Animals in dreams represent part of the dreamer, whether a physical aspect, primitive wants and desires, or sexual nature, depending on the animal. Since the animals the skins came from are not noted, I can't speak to that particularly.

The reference to hunting is pretty obvious with these two previous symbols. It sounds like your wife is trying to locate a hidden part of herself. Not knowing your wife, I would not even dare speculate, but she is apparently hunting a part of herself that feels shackled or held back in some way.

On to the second paragraph, the shoe burglar.

An intruder can represent feelings of guilt, but can also mean self-indulgence or unwanted sexual attention. Witnessing a theft in a dream has to do with feeling that others are stealing the dreamer's time, energy or ideas. Shoes tend to represent one's grounding in and approach to life and their convictions for their beliefs. Dreaming about one's actual husband can symbolize the relationship with him, and also unconscious feelings about him. The bedroom symbolizes a need for privacy.

I don't know if I even want to touch that section of the dream other than to offer one way of looking at the symbolism. All I'm going to say about it, is your wife seems to be struggling with something major, perhaps only on an unconscious level. But something is definitely bothering her.

Seeing another man in the dream, the third guy, points to the masculine side of her personality, her animus, or her competitive, rational, aggressive or assertive aspects. But the fact he was sweet talking your wife could also mean she is craving romance and attention.

It sounds to me like you and your wife need to have a heart to heart about something bothering her, but she's finding it hard to bring it up. I daren't even speculate on what it might be, but you and she will know yourselves better than I ever will, so maybe you can get some insight just from the symbolism I've offered here.


posted on Aug, 17 2007 @ 11:54 PM
Hi kinglizard and MajorMalfunction, thank you for your interesting viewpoints.

We aren't behind on any bills, we have food to eat and our basic neccessities so I guess we aren't having any real money issues unless you count the desire to have more of it...

Relationship wise, I hardly hear a peep at all from the basement anymore, she's grown to tolerate being chained to the wall quite nicely actually; I haven't had to use the sock gag in a few months now come to think of it. So as far as I know, we're two peas in a pod and everything's ok in that area.

Then again, if you were to ask her about it she'd probably say she's had just about enough of my leaving coffee rings on the counter and with my restless legs when we're trying to sleep


Actually regarding the dream, call me crazy but I think someone, somewhere... is curious about us.

I believe the Native at the door is a real person and that his heritage isn't particularly significant, he's just the person with the talent to get in others' dreams. His tossing animal skins on the porch is his way of appeasing higher spirits so he doesn't get in trouble for his, uhmm... intrusion.

The Native's inquiries about if we hunt was actually a digging around of sorts to learn if we have any firearms in the house.

With someone trying to take my shoes from me, that seems to symbolize an unclear manipulation or influence that I'm fighting against. The soles of my shoes could even be representative of my soul...

As for the friendly blonde guy, my wife seems to think his job was just to gain her trust somehow so she'd be less guarded against what was happening to me. She's quite protective of me, I doubt anyone could take my shoes with her on the case.

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