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UFOs and the Bible

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posted on Aug, 12 2007 @ 05:42 PM
Research Nick M Chapel

Upon year's of continues research of the UFO phenomena and Bible history i have found along with other researcher's that UFOs and the Bible are closely tied together in relation to the apparent second coming of Christ which is said to be some time possibly in the year 2012 along with other studys on the issue's involving government secrecy involving technology and the UFO phenomena and these are the finding's as follows:

The UFO phenomena date's back to the history of the bible which can be found in numerous story's within the Bible it's self like the story of Jehovah and Moses, when the 10 commandment's where handed down from Mount Ci-nide Jehovah re appeared with his beard whitened, in current and previous UFO abductee report's victim's of the abduction's appeared to have facial hair whitened like they had aged greatly which is also found to happen in cases of radiation being inflicted upon the human body. UFO Landing sight's have shown high amount's of radiation left on the ground's surface which in conclusion shows that the following: When Jehovah came back down to the eath his beard had been whitened which there fore concludes that Jehovah when he spoke to God in fact must have came into contact with a UFO, in other Bible story's like the 40 year treck across the desert to the Promise land the men where led by a pillar of white smoke or cloud and by night lit up as a pillar of fire, other case's tell of incident's where water was cleared for the men to pass through and the isrialite's were engulfed by the water that was cleared. this there fore could be possible by anti gravitational devices which is common in UFO Technology also known in the field of ufology and back engineering research.

The purpose behind the ten commandment's and UFO cases where reported UFO incident's have disabled Nuclear missile's such as the minute man instillation and other numerous case's not often spoken of by the media but known well within the United State's Government, This meaning that UFOs and alien's are there to protect us not harm us but many people fail to see thanks to the media & movie's. studys show that more than 50% of American citizen's believe in UFOs and alien's and in the near future the anti Christ will reveal him self to the world. The issue here is that when or if the coming of Christ does happen and the anti Christ appears the UFO phenomena will be revealed and the people of earth will see God and the alien phenomena as the evil there fore creating the dis illusion that Christ (being our alien ancestor and guardians) will be portrayed as the evil and the anti christ which in the Bible says that there will be a dis illusion put forth to people and will lose faith in Christ but those who believe and stay strong will survive.

It is important that we do not fall to the false image that may or will be portrayed by those deceiver's such as the American government and the masonic society's and other evil empires of the world including the vatican who are well aware of the UFO phenomena's and are trying to get the American government to postpone the secret agender's revealment in order for the Vatican to prepare for the fore coming incident of Christ and stick to believing, i myself was blinded when i found out truth about the UFO phenomena and chose not to believe in Christ but recent study's showed that this was the wrong thing to do and was what is said to happen in the Bible revelation's although it sound's like a case of a Christian finding his faith in God again this is clearly not the case.

So really when you think about it Aliens and jesus are closely tied together and god most likely is a Alien although we haven't found jesus's remains a research team who went on a expedition came very close they found all those linked to his immediate family including brother's or brother but they where stoped removed from the tomb and it was sealed, ever so close and all so sad now we may never see the proof.

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posted on Aug, 12 2007 @ 07:06 PM
The Bible it´s just a story, a tale.

So, you can take it in a wide range of meanings.

I think that UFO researchers should focuse themselves in trying to find new and concrete evidence, rather than take an ambiguous lecture from the Bible

Sorry for my english.

posted on Aug, 12 2007 @ 07:08 PM
You might be interesting in reading about the Raelians. They claim the same thing pretty much

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