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Police on terror alert over theft of top secret records on computer database

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posted on Aug, 12 2007 @ 09:30 AM

A major security alert has been sparked after the theft of a computer database containing thousands of top secret telephone records from police investigations into terrorism and organised crime.

Worried police chiefs throughout the UK launched a massive inquiry into the removal of the sophisticated computer and other IT equipment from a private firm specialising in gathering evidence from mobile phone calls made by suspects.


This is part of the reason that domestic & foreign surveillance must be better scrutinized. Absolutely inexcusable but the damage is now done. If the government can protect their secrets ever so well surely they have the same obligation to the general public that they pilfer daily. The irony here is that the head of the FTS is an individual that was an adviser on the use of data for law enforcement. We all know the value of information these days and surely this will fall into the wrong hands for the right price.


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