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computer piracy a bad thing,but scaming us not?

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posted on Aug, 11 2007 @ 04:31 PM
ok i really wanna get that off my chest.
so all the companies and etc. are against piracy,warez,copying and more and more.
"so stewie cant play that game his friend gaved him,its illegal he should go and buy it for himself"
so they want us to obey the law ha?what about all the pop up/ad scams we see at EVERY site,ads like "ur 10000visitor u won" and god knows what more.isnt there an internet police or sometin that should sue the site for showing ads containing viruses and scams?i even see this ads on big popular/company sites
the other problems scammers everywhere,cheaters everywhere,flamers,trolls,hatefull people everywhere...
what about music?u buy an original album....and the music is 192kbps(such quality makes me cry:how
and the music u can dw from the internet is 320kbps(the best quality for an mp3)
what about putting ads and spywares in every piece of our software even windows.....spyware we dont know anything about
SO u expect us to buy everything and be good?while u track my work with spyware,try to scam me and ripp me off?
if we have to spend money on every program,game and music we use we will be long broke
the law isnt good why do they expect us to be?

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 01:12 PM
Adds are usually not under the sites control... they pay money for people to put there bad adds up... but under contract(I think) they are not aloud to remove it until there payed session is up. Viruses and whatnot would probably be a loophole in that contract but, they might not always know.

Most products are over priced but, if they weren't and everybody used pirate software or even if the prices were low, they would not be gaining any profit.
Look at 'Windows' itself, It is ridiculously priced but they spend so-much to make it and paying people to make it.

If nobody buys CD's or music with DRM and crap like that, then the people who wrote the tunes would not get any money, no more music, all the jazz is gone.

That is why I stick with linux and all it's open source projects, free to modify and distribute. when you have it, you actually own it. Data is the only thing we can own(IMO.) I don't think we own money, we only borrow it and eventually have to give it all back. We cant rip money because it isn't ours.

It's sad that company's need to rip off there paying customers because of the people that don't pay.

posted on Aug, 14 2007 @ 02:14 PM
well ive i ha a company i would probably do the same thing : D
still they put so much effort into making vista all about no pirating that they bugged it totally

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