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how to bring justice

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posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 04:53 PM
I want to bring justice to the New World Order subverters and miltary subverters, like neo nazis and socialists ruining us. In the name of England I believe. Yes this kind of talk is raucus and over the top to anyone in a "daily grind ignore the important issues" mindset.

So what Id like to see are the Rockerfellers who perpetrated these plans, the Rothchilds, and any other major family members who plotted the destruction of america brought to justice.

Bush and cheney are the second big fish. The self sacrificers of satans eternal will so to speak. They will also be fully judged, and trust me they will be found guilty.

The military has to clean itself out. It has to have a mass uprising of soldiers who refuse the unethical order and expose the traitors, secret operatives who subvert us, and go through the channels to reorganise those channels so to speak.

America needs truth, we are in a desert, created by lies. The water has been drugged to keep you stupid and compliant with the satanic ritualistic orgy of destruction from the Bush, the clintons, carter, nixon and every other corporate whore on the stage.

The militaries of the world are obviously hiding some very massive coming event, but we could stop this event IF we take action now, I mean every day for the next year, everyone close to anyone, or with access to the channels of so peacefully and stealthfully to expose satan W bush and his evil minions.. And the dragon will notice and run out of his cave frothing fire and screaming "my beautiful creation..where has it gone?"

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