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C2C Time Travel show, John Titor possible?

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posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 01:09 AM
C2C is having a whole show on time travel tonight, on the air right now. What is being talked about lends credibility to the John Titor story.

Dr. Ron Mallett -Time Travel- First Hour: Walter L. Wagner -Black Holes-
Dr. Ron Mallett shares his research into time travel.

First Hour: Dr. Walter L. Wagner discusses the possibility of small black holes being created by super colliders.
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Time Travel Models
Prof. Ron Mallett's quest to build a time machine was recently profiled on the BBC News Magazine. To the left is a graphic (click here to view in full) that demonstrates the basic principles behind his time travel theory. Also receiving attention is Prof. Amos Ori's model of a time machine. In his equations, "time would be able to curve back on itself," Roger Highfield writes in an article for the Telegraph.

Everyone should tune in if they can!

C2C webpage on the topic

C2C webpage on Ron Mallet and his theories

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