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Lack of funding- Bill veto- bridge collapse!

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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 05:21 PM
After watching the recent video of the I-35 bridge collapse, I thought wow Just an unfortunate accident. But then i started looking at not how the bridge had fallen but the possible reasons if it wasnt just an accident. So i started looking into the political aspect of it and found some things that point torwards a motive for someone to pull off such an event. First we will look at US Republican Jim Oberstar. He represents Minnesota's eighth district and is chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. So i see that a train passing under the bridge has been cut in half buy the falling bridge. So i ask myself, if they determine that the train played a role in the collapse, Then rail improvement may be a reason for this disaster if it was planned by someone needing funding for it. here is a link to this.
But maybe there is a second factor involved with this plan. So then i look at republican Alice Hausmen state representative MN. Distric 66B. I found a Video of the entire Bill for all state construction projects being veto'ed Because the amount they where asking for was to large. Here is the link
But the bigger picture may be that The U.S. Transportation industry had issued a warning One week before this collapse And is nearing the end of there spending plan to provide $285 billion for transportation over six years.Here is the link.

Now that we have the bridge collapse, And all the Media exposure, The pressure will be on for the U.S. transportation industry To increase funding . And it is an election year, Who knows How far up the chain This could go.
So This theory Will come down to a few points. If the investigation into the fall is reported that it happened Because of structural damage due to deteriation of a neglected bridge, than we could look at the theory of the pressured funding. But we will only find out when the results of the report come out. And even then you would have to question the validity of the report. And of course this could be just an accident proving without a doubt that the funding was needed and it will get all the attention needed for improvement.
I dont believe this theory is that far fetched, There could be another reason spun in a web deception that will never be discovered.Just a small goal that enforces a much larger goal.


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