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What will be your excuse for not haulting our government?

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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 01:39 AM
It's obvious. We have no control over anything on this planet as citizens besides the few people we touch daily within our respected circles. If the government continues to step out of line, lying, and manipulating the world for the benefit of the rich.. There is nothing we can do! We just sit in our computer chairs and be like wow that blows my mind that the government would do that.

I was talking to my friends tonight about politics and mentioned that I see us going to war with Iran in the near future and he said, "yeah right man if the government did that 98% of the people would be against it" and my other friend said "wait a minute, they already are?". And yet what is being done to stop this from happening in the future, what is being done to investigate our leaders? why does the system of checks and balances leave out the common people?

It is my personal belief that there simply is nothing we can do. as citizens we only have the guns and power that is given to us by the government. If someone were stupid enough to think they could overthrow the rich in power by murder then they would be swiftly met at their front door by the FBI/ARMY/Alot of weaponry and the accusation that you are a terrorist, insane, and an espionage, and would never see the light of day. (so I am really really not emphasizing full scale civil war!). In fact my point really is we can't have a civil war because after the first one they realized wow we need to turn this around and really have control of the country, and pay all of our attention to washington. Therefor, if a war were waged it would not be a civil war, but in fact a revolutionary war. One in which it is the civilian vs. the government (the same government in which we continue to see millions and millions of dollars being poured into every year.) If the cause was great enough and people wanted to donate to the opposite side of the government we wouldn't even break 2 million for weaponry. So what happens if the government goes too far?

The world hates the US. For many reasons, and for one I will mention Wal-Mart. All Americans in their lifetime (exaggurating) get the brilliant idea at one point in their life to go to wal-mart at 2 am because it sounds like a good idea. Whether you have something you NEED or not, you go and walk through corporate America.

Now, we are trying to bring Our Wal-mart to countries with barely a convenient store. It is the reason why we can spend trillions of dollars that we don't have and not get hurt in the end. All major business is owned by another major business, and at the top of the ladder is someone with the biggest hand in the government. If we can open up American stores all over the world, we are reaping the benefits of EVERYONE's money. (sickening thought).

ANYWAYS... The world hates us because of what our government does and they completely disagree with it. Guess what "other countries"? We disagree too! but our voice isn't heard, even on the presidential elections!

We could never stop America even if the government woke up one day and decided to be communist. Isn't that a terrifying thought? Especially after America dominates all of these other countries and has the ability to affect the entire globe?

(sorry if this is taken for rambling but I believe there is some serious deep thought behind my way of thinking and you can go ahead and disagree or agree b/c I know what I believe and I know the world only as I see it)

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 04:39 AM
You don't really expect me to give up endless iterations of "lost" and "American idol", stop stuffing my face full of government approved additives, stop taking all my forcefully prescribed medications, remove my family from the government halls of indoctrination, where my children are taught to report my every personality disorder to officials, get off my fat @$$ and do something about it?

It's called "incrementalism", where slowly, bit by bit, you are socially engineered to accept the status quo.
Like boiling a frog---you drop him into hot water, he jumps right out---but if you put him in cold water, and turn up the burner, he will happily cook.

no matter how many shootings of horrific proportion, the second amendment still has not been able to be repealed.
But bullets, an "explosive hazardous substance" are now under attack.
You can keep your guns, but have nothing to put in them.

Where's my Big Mac, the commercials are over and I don't want to miss the next show.


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