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rendlesham files exposed

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posted on Aug, 3 2007 @ 06:48 PM

page 25 as well as many other pages

describes the uk policy and for that matter most govts policy in regards to ufos and ifos

"we are satisfied that the events described are of no defence significance"

no defence significance meaning that if a bright light lands in the middle of a packed soccer stadium it is considered a ufo(unidentified) until it turns off the lights and then looks to be a saucer craft and now turns into an ifo(identified) then out comes some ets and as long as they dont threaten anyone it will be looked at as an overtly peaceful visit, in other words there may never be a time where it could be a real defence significant issue so therefore there will never be a time for disclosure


page 76 & 107

describes an osi report of the rendlesham incident (osi refers to office of special intelligence i think) it talks about some of the facts of the event including the ets themselves

pages 121 through 123

a letter written to the base commander of joint u.s./u.k. base

describes a person who may be a "contactee"
normally im not into contactees or abductees for many reasons but this letter is interesting and worth study imo

talks about seven "peoples" observing earth, especially military matters

names three of these "peoples" and their location

talks about these "peoples" or ets contacting the military through radio communications and even abducting high ranking military officials to prove the seriousness of there desire to meet the military


page 178

deribes brenda butlers communication with a high ranking military official who witnessed the rendlesham landing

ok these are just some of the more interesting pages out of the rendlesham files which were released by the u.k. ministry of defence or mod

you can find the ufofiles here which will require a pdf reader, i use foxit which works good

posted on Aug, 4 2007 @ 07:07 PM
from the same link from the above post there is a title called "extraterrestial origins", it is written by stanton friedman, and as far as im concerned it is the best evidence for the existence of et available

on page six stanton describes the freedom of information(foi) case against the govt, in particular the nsa, the nsa has 239 documents pertaining to ufos, the case was turned down on grounds of national security(huh?), so they went to an appeals court to have them show judge gerhardt gesell just 160 pages of the 239 so that the judge could check to make sure they were really in compliance with national security insinuation, they refused to show him(huh?), but they did show the judge a 21 page top secret in-camera affidavit on why theyre not going to show him or anyone else in the world these documents, btw the lawyers for the plantiffs werent able to see this 21 page top secret in-camera affidavit because you need a very special security clearence(huh?)

on november 18, 1980 judge gesell ruled in favor of the nsa saying "the in-camera affidavit presented factual considerations which aided the court in determining that the public interest in disclosure is far outweighed by the sensitive nature of the materials and the obvious effect on national security their release may well entail"(huh?)

ok heres some points

1. this tells me that the policy developed in 1947 after the roswell incident is still in place in 1980, the policy being that humans wouldnt be able to handle the et reality and i guess there by go nuts

2. this tells me yes the et presence is real, yes we have et artifacts, yes we have ebe samples, yes we have film, video, photos and documents of all the studying we have done but were scared to be honest and tell everyone because were afraid everyone will act like a maniac

3. all the (huh?)'s indicate that at least to me theyre trying to hide something

4. this foi case was in 1980 thats 27 years ago maybe we should try again?

posted on Aug, 8 2007 @ 01:55 AM
ok so the nsa has 239 documents that they refuse to release to the public

because they think the information on those documents will somehow destroy

human civilization, as the judge stated public disclosure will harm national

security because of the sensitive nature of the "materials", i cant wait for the

day when theyll release the documents, film, video, photos, of the ets and their

space craft that way we can all know the truth and then move on with life, but in

the mean time we have to sit and ponder mind blowing questions like, do ets

light their farts?

posted on Aug, 12 2007 @ 11:58 AM
these documents are the closest thing to disclosure youre going to get, below is one of the letters released

dear xxxx,

as you know, osi has completed a report on the landing of a craft of unknown orgin crewed by several entities near raf bentwaters on the night of december 29/30 1980.

interestingly, osi reports that the entities were approximately 1 1/2 metres tall, wore what appeared to be nylon-coated pressure suits, but no helmets. conditions on the night were misty, giving the appearance that the entities were hovering above ground level.

tape recordings were made on which the entities are heard to speak in an electronically synthesized version of english, with a strong american accent. similar transmissions intercepted irregularly by nsa since 1975. (see attached - flag a)

according to osi, entities had claw-like hands with three digits and an opposable thumb.

despite original reports (flags b - g), osi said the craft was not damaged but landed deliberately as part of a series of visits to sac bases in usa and europe. reports that craft was repaired by u.s. servicemen or was taken on to the base are not confirmed by osi.

landing is not considered a defence issue in view of the overt peaceful nature of the contact, but investigations by ds8 are to be continued on ____ authority. precautionary plan for counter-information at a local level involving ____ and a ____ ____ ____, is strongly recommended.

sincerely xxxx

the letter above was released by the ministry of defence of the u.k as part of the many ufo files released in the rendlesham case under a freedom of information request

here are some thoughts

1. how many people in the world know that this letter exists?

2. how many people in the world know about the rendlesham case?

3. how many people in the world know that the rendlesham files were released to the public for inspection?

4. its as if the govts of the world are telling us about the et reality without saying it bluntly, without a briefing, without a news conference

think about it how did we get the mexican air force video? from the mexican govt, how did we get the french ufo files? from the french govt, how did we get the brazilian ufo files? from the brazilian govt, how did we find out the catholic churches position on the et reality? from one of the highest ranking church guy, how did we find out the u.s. has known the truth for a long while but refuses to just show us all because theyre scared we all will go bonkers? from a u.s federal judge, how did we get the tether space craft video? from nasa

maybe disclosure is happening before our own eyes but we just dont know it yet

posted on Aug, 12 2007 @ 12:19 PM
Im getting a bit confused at your report above.
First you mention tape recordings of alien voices?
Could you give me a link to this evidence as I am unable to find any.
Finally you state the dates were December 29/30 yet all evidence points to it being the nights of 26/27th December

Could you clarify this please?

posted on Aug, 12 2007 @ 12:59 PM
sure let me try to clarify this, this by the way is a great example of the
misinterpretation that goes on in the ufology field and i might add through out
life in general

first of all this isnt my report, this is a u.k. govt report, the report is a letter that was released with a bunch of other documents through a freedom of information request called the "rendlesham files"

you can find this letter along with all the other documents by going to this website then scroll down about half way and youll see five links that say rendlesham files, if you want to see this exact letter click rendlesham files 3 and look for page 76 or 107 both pages are identical but you can see the report for yourself

youll need a pdf file reader, i use a program called foxit which works well

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