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Is the Internet a helpful tool or hinderance?

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posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 05:47 AM
I pose this to those of you here who, like myself, feel that a revolution may be the only thing that will ever straighten this country (The United States) back out.

We all know that the internet has opened doors to all of us that we may never have stumbled upon and also allows us to share information at blazing fast speeds.

However, the internet is also used daily to distance people from each other physically and even emotionally. (IE: Internet Dating) And also serves as a means to make us fatter and lazier than we would be without it. (IE: Online gaming, online chatting, email....all ways to fill our entertainment and communicative needs that require nothing more than moving our fingers and sitting on our asses)

So, I pose this question to my fellow "revolutionaries". Is the internet the tool that will bring us together so we can bring about change in a country we feel has been corrupted to the core? Or is it the tool that will allow those corruptors to gain absolute control over us by turning us into "desktop revolutionaries" who do nothing more than sit at our computer and bitch about things that we know need to be changed?

Also, would revolutions of the past (Hippy "revolution" of the 60's, French Revolution, American Revolution etc) have ever occured were there an internet at the time?

Just a thought that's going through my head.



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