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How to watch a flying saucer.

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posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 09:23 PM
I found this rather interesting article from Larry Sessions on "EarthSkyBlogs" and thought it would be good reminder to us that ALL information is valuable and not just the simple and instant gratification of videos and photos.

Now, I am not writing here about what UFOs are or might be. They are unidentified flying objects, so the first step is to identify them as well as possible. While you may not know what you are observing, there may be someone out there who does, but you’ll find out only if you report your sighting with enough valid information.

Probably 99 percent of all “UFO” sightings are actually of human-made devices such as weather balloons, atmospheric phenomena such as lenticular clouds, or astronomical objects such as Venus. [Please hold your comments about what UFO’s may be — that is not what this blog entry is about. I’ll try to get around to that in a future blog.] With the right information, such sightings can usually be easily identified by a knowledgeable person. And even if the sighting remains unidentified, at least the known possibilities can be eliminated.

Full EarthSkyBlogs Article Here

Mr Sessions article contains sensible details on recording your observations in six steps and even includes a link to "How to estimate angles in the sky".

All important stuff to remember if we ever see a ufo. Little vague on the reporting side of things, but of course, for anyone who is a witness, the place to report first is here at ATS.

Then.. check out the ATS thread...How should I report a UFO sighting which is the place to get all the info on reporting and more.

And this ATS thread...If you think you saw a ufo by my friend "damajikninja" covers all sorts of identification explanations. A great read for anyone serious about what they see!

Obviously there are many things that could also be taken into consideration and one in particular is an ATS favorite.......if using a camera...use a tripod! or at least rest on or against something.

Feel free to add "how to watch" comments.

So ..... good luck, watch the skies
and scribble like mad.

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posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 11:37 PM
I see UFOs mostly on YouTube and posted on ATS

such as on many of these posts by the photographer.

Many forums have people that just happen to take photos of UFOs.

Many on ATS and forums and YouTube are just one timers though.


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