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Dreams ot Men in Black.

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posted on Jan, 12 2004 @ 12:15 PM
Dreams ot Men in Black.

I posted this in reply to another thread but I am afraid no one read it. I hate to resubmit it as a post. Please forgive me for doing so but I would really like someone to help me.

Well I promised if I had anything wierd happen in my dreams I would pass it on.

The last 2 nights I have been dreaming (again I am a kid again) Me and my childhood friends on bicycles are riding up th the vollunteer fire department to get sodas from the machine (like we did when I was young cause we would get into troble for crossing the highway)

The First nights Dream.

Anyway, It is voting time and people are in line to vote. They have grim and terrified looks in their eyes. There are men in black suits with machine guns. They watch everyone that enters the voting booths.

At the end of my dream an old man exits and one of the men in black grab him and start pushing him around the another comes up and both of them lead him out.

The old man shrugs them off as he walks by me he says, "Once freedom is lost..." The sky turns black and the dream ends.

That was the other night.

Last night

Everything pretty much the same way BUT, there was a T.V. going this time and all of the fire fighters were there watching it. I could not make out what the news was but it looked serious.

People again were in the lines to vote with the same look of grief and despair. This time the Men in Black were more hostile. Taunting the voters. The rest of the dream was stupid stuff and I can't recall any more of it.

There are somethings I left out only cause they are to hazy to remember.

Now that was a few days ago. The last couple of nights I haven't had any dreams till last night.

THis has to be the wierdest dream. Anyone ever seen the Coyote and the Sheep dog in the Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny cartoons? Early in the morning the 2 of them would clock in and the Coyote would start his job trying to eat the sheep, while the sheep dog tried to stop him.

Well my dream was like this. I saw a grocery store and everyone that worked there was wearing bullet proof vests and carrying automatic weapons. As the customers filled the parking lot. they greeted them as they went in. It was odd that they carried guns as well but at this point it was like a friendly community.

Then soon as the clerks from the store clock in and get ready. It starts, a war, people are trying to break into the store to steal food while the store employees defend the store. Both killing each other.

They pause when the TV comes on to make an anouncement. It is the President, dark wavy hair and fake smile. (He talks about stuff I can't make out, like the adults talking in a Charlie Brown cartoon) Then someone blows his brains out. Now the guy that killed him, with parted on the side grey hair, sits down and finishes the announcement.

As soon as the announcement is over they go back to their quarrel.

Now the whole time this is happening US troops watch and laugh. Men in Black are in helicopters watching over everything. The troops are eating BBQ sandwhiches.

This is all happening in rural areas. In the cities, it is much different. Soldiers in are attacking civilains. At the direction of Men in Black in vans in helicopters and on computers. They are looking for people that make unusual post kinda like this one heheh. To gun sales, what they watch on TV, books they read, if they own guns, pretty much anyone that poses a threat or is sited with having too much freewill.

The men in black are all laughing as they press buttons ordering the attacks. Each time this happens a light in the White House goes off and the President is watching and Laughing and there are people standing around him laughing too. Except one woman is not laughing everyone stops and looks at her then a guy draws out a gun puts a bullet in her head and they continue laughing.

Is this not disturbing? What does this mean? I mean I pick up on some of it. BUT what do some of you think about it.

posted on Jan, 12 2004 @ 12:29 PM
those are extremely disturbing dreams.....
don't know exactly what they mean ...but I would lean towards the theory that you are dreaming about things you probably fear most.

With everything happening the way it is in the world, there is always a possibility of the govt enforcing martial law.... these current events are suggesting to your subconcious mind that these events could possibly occur...


perhaps you are forseeing events that will happen sometime in the future and the reason why you are still a kid in the dream is that it is something that would happen far out in to the future.

regardless of what the dream means, it is your mind giving you insight into something...perhaps you are a creative writer and this is an idea blooming to become a bestseller...try making it into a short story and see where it goes...ask yourself if you didn't wake up, what else would happen in the dream and write it down.

good luck and for my sake, I do hope your dreams do not come true.


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