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Dumb@$$ criminals.

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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 02:25 AM
When I'm between contracts in robotics, I fill the gaps with a security company, why, cause I hate criminals... they go out of their way to ruin the society we've created.
But the latest assignment I'm on tops it off.

2 nights ago, a fellow security officer was attacked at this site by eleven Somalians. Once he had been beaten to the ground, they took off.
We now have a squad of 8 guards, we've created camouflage cover behind the cargo containers we are to be guarding, and we've been ordered to take as many of these bast--ds prisoner as we can pin down.

What is it they are after?

MILK. Fu**ing milk.

They attacked one of our boys, destroyed transit crates, and have racked up dozens of criminal charges that will be laid against them as soon as we take them prisoner... all over milk.

Whats worse, is these idiots are persistent. It should have been a warning when we almost got them last night... but they still keep coming. They send a scout out ahead (which is why we are using camo now), and then they come in masses.

If it weren't for strict laws on apprehending them, I'd crack their skulls open the second I found them for what they did to our comrade.

I know what you're thinking, they must be really poor.
The scouts they send ahead are driving VERY nice cars. The ones who attacked our friend were wearing designer clothing, and pretty nice shoes, according to his description.
There's a fu**ing mazda dealership next door, and acres of farmland really close by.

They are doing this just because they want to... and thats why I hope one of them is carrying a weapon, so I can legally break his legs backward.

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