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Is It Time Hoaxers are Prosecuted?

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posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 07:11 PM
Given the recent advances in digital software technology it is quite easy to put a photo that is literally unchallengeable.(almost) 2 great links below . If a hoaxer then presents this as truth, and bolsters his or her claim with documents purporting that have been stolen from a government agency, almost like the nigerian scammers, where he purports to be a bank official..but trust him.he has something too good to be true... do we have a duty to report that? Should we?If the hoaxer then proceeds to a second party set up a store front, and derive pecuniary benefit, do we have collusion or conspiracy to committ fraud?

digital forensics

digital forensic article

Mind you I am not speaking of a viral campaign, which does not present itself as truth to begin with. Are the parties that help propagate the hoax co conspirators, and are sites , as example only..LMH.. that fail to put waivers or notice (like the psychic mediums on tv do "for entertainment purposes only") liable for aiding and abetting after the fact?
What do you think..if someone posted a digital picture of you in a compromising position, and presented it as the truth. These are problems facing courtrooms confronted with digital imagery, but I can assure you they would not hesitate to bring down the hammer on a hoax

Are there internet laws now..or is this still the wild wild west ..Shouldnt we set the guidelines before someone else does.?

Thank you for your input and hope we can make it safe here and a model for other forums.


some helpful resources
cyber legal database


"There are sheep...and sheep herders...then there are the wolves" Unknown

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posted on Aug, 1 2007 @ 05:51 PM
I agree 100%.

Doesn't everbody remember the hoopla that happen for the guys in the Cartoon Network for their publicity stunt for Aqua Teen Hunger Force in Boston.

Heads roll big time over that one and 2 people were charged with with placing a hoax device and disorderly conduct. So is not that what you are proposing is something new, there is laws in place but I dont know it they will be applicable to internet stunts or viral marketing campaings.

The purpose is the same IMO, to incite fear in the population, so something should be done about this issue.

If anyone wants to know what I'm talking about, I find this old link from USA Today dated Feb-9-07:

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