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ATS.C: Me taking on Elton John

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posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 06:21 AM

Me taking on Elton John

My copy of Elton John's "Your Song" - HA - better than the original i bet!!! All backing done on a PC - not bad quality at all - even if i say so myself.

EDIT: i posted in the wrong place. How do i move this??

length: 04:02
file: atscpod_2459.mp3
size: 3791k
feed: atsc
status: live (at time of posting)

[edit on 24/7/2007 by shearder]

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 06:18 PM
That was beautiful! Good job!

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 08:11 PM
Very, very, nicely done Shearder. It's every bit as good as the original. Thanks for offering it up to the rest of us.

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 08:17 PM
Kudos! I am a Elton John songs fan and you did an awesome job. I see tribute band dates in your future, see you at the Ritz. (((clapping)))

posted on Jul, 25 2007 @ 05:11 AM
WOW, thanks all for the compliments. I actually was in the USA about 7 years ago and played music pro. I miss it though and don't do it anymore *sigh*

[edit on 25/7/2007 by shearder]

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