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'Fate' Magazine

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 06:05 PM
I'm sure I saw these mini-booklets hanging around somewhere, but it wasn't until I put out my recyclying the other day that I saw one up close and personal. I found 2 copies that someone chucked; Apr /05 & Jan /06 editions.

I read through both of them within the day - I absolutely LOVE reading!

Apparently this little booklet (size of readers' digest) has been on the market for 57 - 58 years! We're talking loads n' loads of goodies. A regular treasure-trove of conspiracies from A-Z. You name it, I'm sure the subject has been covered in their archives.

I could probably go el-cheapo and just check out the recycling bin for the orts, but I don't feel the need to go scrounging around. I might end up falling in the bin; all you'd see are Duckys' legs hanging out, while my heads crammed down in the bottom checking out the 'primo' wastes. eww.
That would be the next title and/or coverstory for the Fate magazine:

Woman Lost In Recycle Bin - Authorities are baffled as to the strange disappearance of local conspirator...(see pg. 11 for full details)

Any paid subscribers out there?

Crazy Canard Capsized in Cardboard!

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