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XB-70 and TSR.2 refuel

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 01:23 PM
I looked on the internet, but couldn't find the answer. Can the TSR.2 and XB-70 refuel in midair? I would assume since they are military aircraft, but I haven't seen any evidence. Also, do you think any of these planes could beat the Concorde across the Atlantic?

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 01:39 PM

Originally posted by bdn12
Also, do you think any of these planes could beat the Concorde across the Atlantic?

Unfortunatly a seagul could beat Concorde across the Atlantic now-a-days.

Looks like the TSR 2 could not refuel midair - or else it would of been added here.

Extensions to the TSR-2's range were planned to be made by fitting external tanks — one 450-Imperial gallon (2,000 L) tank under each wing or one 1,000 Imperial gallon (4,500 L) tank carried centrally below the fuselage. If no internal weapons were carried, a further 570 Imperial gallons (2600 L) could be carried in a tank in the weapons bay.

Don't know about the XB-70, but I bet if there was a need to retro fit them to be able to cope with it it would of been possable, just like they did with the Nimrod.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 03:40 PM
Could the XB-70 even operate at those low speeds and in such close proximity to the tanker without causing turbulence etc...?

Anyway, no the two original prototype aircraft (XB-70A's) were not in flight refuel capable. The planned production version (B-70A) of the bomber would also not have had an in flight refuel capability but adding such a feature to other versions was considered.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 06:00 PM
well, i guess the TSR.2 actually DID have midair refueling capability. Read right under the specs. in the middle of the page. It says it has a refueling probe that retracts.

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