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The Union of South America will declare its total independence of the United States & its rejection

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posted on Jul, 21 2007 @ 09:12 PM
During the international conflict created around the middle east Venezuela will stop the petroleum trade with USA but instead will continue exporting to China, the Caribbean, other South American countries and probably Europe.
The trade with China and the fareast contries will be through Nicaragua the new very important associate of Chavez in the region.
The whole south American continent will assume a neutral position in the war and its intention to create a separate economy with respect to North America, they will unify not only their markets but also their currencies and their political institutions, the dream of Bolivar and San Martin to have only one big Latin America will become reality. United states must be forced to accept this new so powerful and rich in resources neighbor, the time of neocolonialism in the west hemisphere will be end for ever.
Your friend,
The Angel of lightness

posted on Sep, 23 2007 @ 02:48 PM
Again Dear Angel you shows here to be very accurate with the incomming situation in this part of the world since the reports of this week from South American confirm the leadership of Chavez for a lot of more time.
I am reading your thread while the news in the TV shows that there are many protests and meetings in Caracas against the constitutional emmend that President Chavez is wanted to do to allow him to go ahead to a third consecutive term in the power.
It is clear that the opposition in Venezuela knows very well that if Chavez and his followers have success to change again the Constitution they are going to win the next election without any doubt, their actions reveal the fear that they feel with respect to more of the same for the future, so every thing shows that the Bolivarian revolution is going to stay in the Presidency of Venezuela for many more years and that gives a good base to your predictions.
Probably the only problem that Mr Chavez must afront to do his plans would be the also predicted by you earthquake that supposely Venezuela will experiment in the near future.


posted on Nov, 30 2007 @ 01:20 PM
Concerning your reply I want to clarify that the Union of SouthAmerica is something that anyway would occur with Chavez in the Power or without him.
Unfortunately there were to many mistakes done in the past from former United states administrations that created this feeling of supernationalism that in general Southamericans have.
I think the decission about how convenient or not would be this Union to America depend in many aspect to the attitude that in this country the public assume to the Dictorships that try to return or arrise in that continent.
In the past it was a wrong policy to support Dictators like Pinochet, Figuereido, Perez Jimenez, Stroessner, or to don't anything for long time to help the democratic forces to defeat them. For that same reason is especially important that in this ocasion the American Public opinion don't ignore or show lack of interest to the problem of the Dictatorship in Venezuela, that is an issue that most be in the first place of atention.
Chavez is trying to manipulate the idea of the Union of Southamerica in favor of its cause but how far can he go in that plan depend on the success that he can obtain this sunday in the referendum.
Any way his very well known confrontation with President Uribe of Columbia is showing to other countries of the region that Chavez doesn't respect the legimitic governments of the other countries. In particular it is impotant that the American people understand that the secret Plan of this Dictator with respect to Columbia is to remove Uribe, by creating him an internal conflict, and put in his job the famous terrorist bandit Pedro Marin or Manuel Marulanda alias Tirofijo as his viceroy.
So there are two possible versions of this Union:
- a Democratic union of confederated indepent Republics
- the Bolivarian Empire ruling only of course by his Majesty Chavez, acting through many Viceroys that he is planning to hire for each neighbor country in the region in the same way that he put Evo Morales in Bolivia or Daniel Ortega for Nicaragua financing their respective poltical campaigns.
Thank very much for your reply and escuse me for the very long time waiting for y respond.
Your friend,
The Angel of lightness

[edit on 11/30/2007 by The angel of light]

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