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United States an NWO controlled Corporation?!

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 02:22 AM
I found this and thought it was really interesting to say the least. It's a pretty long read, but if you are on the fence about NWO, this might just cause you to lose your balance.

Here is the UCC from cornell law

I checked around on the internet and found various first hand accounts of people utilizing the UCC as described by the writer of that article. They all seem pretty legit.

Sorry, I forgot exactly where I found this, but I thought this was pretty remarkable. This is part of a letter he sent to the court. The guy got his case thrown out after he sent this

Comes Now, Ralph Kermit Winterrowd 2nd, a American citizen, Natural Born Native and citizen of the foreign state of Kansas domiciled in the territorial boundaries of Alaska. And further, Ralph Kermit Winterrowd 2nd is a free white citizen and man arising under the original jurisdiction of the de jure Constitution of the United States of 1789 as amended by the qualified electors of the several States of this American Union and the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 for the territories of the de jure United States.

And further, Ralph Kermit Winterrowd 2nd, gives or grants no jurisdiction or venue to this unlawful court. I protest, object and take exception to these proceedings, to the unlawful, illegal and usurpers of public office known as judges, magistrates, police, and clerks appearing to do justice. I also give notice of a special appearance, even though this is not a constitutional or legislatively created court. I am constant fear of my life, liberty, and property from police, troopers, State of Alaska (sic) and Anchorage, a municipal corporation (sic).

What does everyone think of these different law jurisdictions and infringing upon our rights as free people?


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