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Hacker Claims To Have Activated iPhone Without AT&T

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posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 04:17 PM
Not even out a month and someone has figured out a way to hack the iPhone so that the user can use all the internet fetures but not have to use the AT&T cellular service.

A hacker claims to have figured out a way to activate the iPhone without going through AT&T, a move that demonstrates how Apple's attention-getting gadget is likely to become a favorite target of tech tricksters.

The recent feat by Jon Lech Johansen, known as "DVD Jon" for his notoriety for breaking anti-piracy code on DVDs, is not expected to have any major impact on AT&T as the exclusive wireless carrier for the iPhone. While Johansen is offering a software download to activate the iPhone, the user would not be able to use the device as a mobile phone. Instead, the user would get access to the gadget's other functions, such as e-mail, video, music, and Web browsing through a Wi-Fi connection.;_ylt=AqvuUpUEQVXKG4A4uwG6FoQjtBAF

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 04:28 PM
I love it.

Consumers should have full freedom with their purchases. I really do hope someone manages to unlock the phone so it works on other networks too.

I know licensing brings about big money for these companies, but locking phones to networks is like forcing you to buy a different TV for each individual channel you want to watch.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 04:46 PM
What about the GPS feature? That's easily the coolest one...I think such a hack would be justified as GPS is supposed to be public-domain.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 04:49 PM
Having checked some of the links it leads me to wonder what rights do you have at all when buying the phone?

Seems At&T just want all your money.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 05:47 PM
If you really want an iphone-like gadget that you can do what you'd like with, I think there is an OpenMOKO port to FIC's Neo1973.


OpenMOKO's main page

LinuxDevices story on it

Personally, I don't see the big thrill about the iPhone but I guess it's an Apple thing. Then again, I also don't give a squat about iTunes, so that may be your answer.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 05:48 PM

Originally posted by Tom Bedlam
Personally, I don't see the big thrill about the iPhone but I guess it's an Apple thing. Then again, I also don't give a squat about iTunes, so that may be your answer.

One of our docs just got one. Its typical Apple. Looks good, easy to use, and has some killer features.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 06:00 PM

Originally posted by FredT

One of our docs just got one. Its typical Apple. Looks good, easy to use, and has some killer features.

It may be a generational thing - if it works as a phone and sort of sends text messages I'm about done with it. Due to work issues I can't carry a phone with a working IR port, a camera, a memory disk port or one that can record voice memos, so the one I normally carry around has the brains of a rock, and half the time I'm not in a place where the thing can get coverage anyway.

It's actually tough to get one that stupid, you have to look for it. I have a really old Nokia that fits the bill. The phone company keeps trying to get me to update it. I think I will soon be able to start a lucrative business selling "feature-reduced" cell phones that have been disassembled and down-graded to spec.

I have a Treo that I carry around outside work, but since I can't use it day-to-day I don't really get used to it.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 08:13 PM

Where do you work that is so important that they must be that anal about security?

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 08:18 PM
This hack by "DVD Jon" only activates the iPhone enough for it to be used kind of like an iPod and web browser (with a wireless router), it doesn't allow you to use the phone with other carriers.

There is another hack though supposedly coming out that will allow you to use it with cellphone carriers other than AT&T.

Link: MacNN

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posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 08:58 PM
It will never be as hackable as the greatest most hackalicious phone of all time...


As far as unlocking it for other carriers, you'd still be limited by the fact that it's a GSM phone. So you couldn't use it with Verizon or Sprint for example.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 09:50 PM
"DVD John' isn't the only one to come up with an activation solution, and there are a few methods one can follow. Currently, the good minded wizards have managed to Decrypt the Firmware, Bypass Activation, and they have Write Access. The ultimate goal is Unlocking the SIM so that it can be used on other networks. Unlocking is totally legal by the way.

The iPhone is the next gen. cell phone, and once again due to Apples pushing of the envelope, we can be sure to see other manufacturers coming up with similar next gen. cell devices in the near future. Not sure if I should be calling them phones as they do so much more.

If it wasn't for the exclusive ATT contract I'd pick up an iPhone myself. ATT is an evil empire who only gives away access to your phone to the NSA, and the ATT network is old tech that is too slow for me. I'll wait until they unlock the SIM and then I can use it on T-Mobile.

If all you wish to do is activate your phone, but don't wish an ATT contract, there is a very simple method. Buy the phone and activate it with ATT. Then simply cancel your contract within three days and you wont be charged. You wont be able to use your iPhone to make cell calls, but you will be able to surf the Internet, and use all the other applications the iPhone has.

Once they unlock the iPhone I'll post it in here. After that, they intend to open it up to Third party Applications.

(due to the multitude of noobs asking too many questions and tying up bandwidth, I wont give out the link to the wizards who are hacking open the iPhone, but I will keep you posted on their progress)

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 09:53 PM
On second thought, I don't support this hack. Getting the fruits of someone else's hard labor for nothing can only serve to discourage innovation and drive up prices for everyone else.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 10:17 PM
It is not stealing as I indicated earlier. In addition, unlike most other cell phones, which are heavily subsidized in price, the iPhone is sold at full retail with a 55% profit markup so no one is getting other peoples labor for free. The individuals hacking open the phone are doing so legally. It is 100% legal to unlock a phone and everything they are doing is legit.

If I own a phone or other product, I want to be able to use all its functions without someone else dictating its usage to me. I would not be stealing phone service, just making a choice about who I wish to do business with as a provider. Not having that choice would be like me telling you who you could use as your Internet provider with your computer, and then charging you a premium for a slow, outdated service.

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 04:21 AM
I like small phones that sound clear and easily fit in my pocket. The novel approach about these little reduced feature phones is that they actually work as a phone. Nice, clear, loud reception for your phone enjoyment. The iPhone is an overpriced gadget for nerds so they can watch pron on their 15 minute water closet break or watch the latest installment of Harry Potter. Do you really want to watch a movie on that tiny screen versus a television set?? If you said yes you might need to seek professional help and I mean that in a good way. It's like attempting to copulate with a barbie doll and ultimately failing and we all know how awkward that is not to mention unsatisfying. And lastly, these devices could be used as spy gadgets in board meetings and are not allowed in half of the corporate world so I say..."What the hell is the point?!"

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 05:44 AM
Not everyone used the internet for pron. It does have other uses and some of us actualy use it in business. Having the ability to jump on the net easily, with a pocket sized device, is quite useful.

[edit on 9/7/07 by Terapin]

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 05:49 AM
The real test for the iPhone will be how it does among the general public.

Apple lovers going back to the early Mac, or even Apple ][ days (like myself) will virtually all eventually buy one.

The iPod has also opened up a big market in PC tekkies who probably before the iPod didn't really even consider Apple products. I think many of these types will take a good look at it.

But the real question is will the average person off the street be willing to shell out that kind of money for a phone? Do they need these features? If only a few percent do, it could be a windfall for Apple. But if not, it will probably remain a profitable, but niche, product.

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 10:32 AM

Originally posted by uberarcanist

Where do you work that is so important that they must be that anal about security?

Ur, well, some percentage of our work load is classified, and some of it is really twitchy so the place is "access controlled" and we have a small SCIF.

In the SCIF, and really to some extent in the access controlled areas, you're not supposed to have a MagicWonderPhone®, because they're security risks. Photos and voice records are bad juju, and since newer phones will take memory sticks and do file transfers by IR, they've finally been classed as something like "writable media" and when they cross the doorway of the SCIF, they're "dead", same as if you brought in a CDRW or a flash drive.

How anal they are about it is up to your "certification" agency. Ours does not permit cell phones in our SCIF although they're not that picky everywhere. Some of it is that we are our own business, and it's not a big one in terms of number of employees. I suspect they think we might goof off with SCIF security when they're not looking, so they have limited the level of discretion we have. In Huntsville we could do more than we can here, it just depends on who's doing the "Spanish Inquisition" surprise visits.

At any rate, it's not like a cell phone will work in the SCIF anyway, so all carrying a nice one does for you here is raise the chances that you'll forget and carry it in, and we're really discouraged against having them anyway.

[edit on 9-7-2007 by Tom Bedlam]

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 05:24 PM
If you are interested in an alternative for the iPhone, but one that still has very cool and inovative options, then consider the Openmoko NEO1973. It has the cool touch screen like the iPhone, will play tunes, and the next version will have WiFi. But unlike the iPhone it will also have GPS. Here are some more specs on the NEO1978:

* 2.8" VGA TFT color display
* Touchscreen, usable with stylus or fingers
* 266MHz Samsung System on a Chip (SOC)
* USB 1.1, switchable between Client and Host (unpowered)
* Integrated AGPS
* 2.5G GSM – quad band, voice, CSD, GPRS
* Bluetooth 2.0
* Micro SD slot
* High Quality audio codec

Unlike the iPhone it is not locked into any specific carrier and can be used with the carrier of your choice. It is also an open source GNU/linux based phone that will allow a significant amount of custom software to be written. It is also $300 to $400 cheaper than the iPhone!!!

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