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Victorian America

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posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 09:42 AM
Great Britain under Victorian rule was very much a land of haves and have nots, whilst we had a huge Empire most of the wealth went to the few. If you had money you could have anything, education, health, good housing, good food, and holidays. If you were poor you had no holidays, no money, no health, no education and no food.

The US appears to be a modern version of it, whilst you have the mega rich, film stars wanting millions for a film, the best health care, the best homes in the best locations, the best education and of course the best police protection.

The poor on the other hand have the #ty end of the stick, more people loosing their homes due to no employment, falling education standards, poor or no health care, substandard living, poor diets most attention from the police.

Are the current US timis a reflection of our Victorian period?

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 05:37 PM
you're kidding, right??

every citizen is entitled to free public education, and I believe the childen of illegal immigrants are also...

and we have food stamps, hud, medicaid, ect.....although there is more than likely hungry kids, there's not as many as their were a hundred or so years ago.

there is no child labor, and there is not that many 60 or more mandatory workweeks...

housing has to meet certain standards to qualify for HUD, the program that is designed to provide housing for the poor. thus there is indoor plumbing, electricity, ect...and in case their electric bill gets too high....there is heap designed to keep them warm in the winter...along with a whole mess of laws that may require the electric company to continue providing them with services regardless of weather their bill is paid or not...

women are no longer locked in their workplace....since we all know they can't be trusted to stay there now can we....and well, they have more of an incentive to stay there, since legally, they can control their own wages..

our workplaces are safer,and we have numerous laws that are designed to prevent discrimination.

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