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Speed of Light vs The Bible

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posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by DaRAGE

Even though your just trying to give creationlists some backing.....I’m just going to destroy that backing......

A pink invisible unicorn created the universe 1300,000 years ago, though science may discredit it, it doesn't matter, because everything that is, and will be, is the will of the unicorn. The unicorn can do anything, it doesn’t matter what science tomorrow proves, because the unicorn did it all……there’s no point in trying to figure out how electrons and protons work even if it contradicts the unicorns existence, because the unicorn created it, and everything else……And so what is the point of science, no matter what we discover it wont matter, because even if it’s illogical and goes against the laws of physics, the unicorn created it all.

We should all go back to the stone age, and be complete ignorant f@cks……what ever we try to understand about the universe, it is not constant, the unicorn can do what ever it wants, what’s the point in pursuing the understanding of the universe, when the unicorn has created it so it’s impossible to logically understand. We should all be ignorant, ignorant and submissive to the unicorns will…..

We should stop basing our lives on logic and evidence, f@ck the court system…..if the universe is illogical, why should we go around living what we think are logical ways of life, we should go around killing who we wont, and basically do what ever we wont, no justice, law and order, because that falls under logic, if the universe isn’t logical, then we shouldn’t live our lives by this illusion that we can live out lives logically.

The unicorn can do anything, everything is the unicorn’s will, nothing can be logically proven, and everything in life is illogical. That is the logic of a god that can do anything, and everything……

posted on Nov, 16 2007 @ 10:58 AM
I don't believe in the bible and the one god story. I also have somewhat of a problem with a big bang.

The one thing that makes no sense with a bang is why in the center of the bang, we see no empty sphere of matter. There should be an empty spot dead center where the bang occured 13 billion years ago.

As for light, we only see what our minds can concieve in frequency our brains have learned to tune into. I do believe there is another light universe empowering the human being in this universe. I believe it because I have seen it.

posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 08:18 PM
I personally believe the earth is older than percieved by christians but can not be proved by the viewing of a star today. The light travels through the universe regardless of the existance of earth. For instsnce if something suddenly and hypotheticaly popped up right next to us in our solar system the travel of said light would already be there. In other words it only proves how long that star you refer to has been there and has no relevance to our existance. I thought this theory was already disproved? Because I can prove it here on earth. Thoughts on that?

posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 09:43 AM

HYPERFAST star proven to be alien to our galaxy

Wash., D.C. A young star is speeding away from the Milky Way so fast that astronomers have been puzzled by where it came from; based on its young age it has traveled too far to have come from our galaxy. By analyzing its velocity, light intensity and for the first time its tell-tale elemental composition, astronomers have determined that it came from our neighboring galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC).

This star was discovered in 2005, and initially appeared to have came from the center of our galaxy. But that didn’t make sense because it would have taken 100 million years to get to its present location and HE 0437-5439 is only 35 million years old. To explain the enigma, the discoverers proposed the star was either a so-called blue straggler star resulting from the merger of two low-mass stars from the Milky Way, or that it originated from the Large Magellanic Cloud. The star is an early-type star and one of TEN so-called hypervelocity stars so far found speeding away from the Milky Way.

Stars in the LMC are known to have lower elemental abundances than most stars in our galaxy. It could therefore be determined if its chemistry was more like LMC or our galaxy. The star is nine times the mass of our Sun and about 35 million years old. It is zooming away from the Milky Way and Large Magellanic Cloud into intergalactic space at 1.6 million miles per hour (2.6 million km/hour). The concentration of elements in Large Magellanic Cloud stars are about half those in our Sun. Like evidence from a crime scene, the fingerprints point to an origin in the Large Magellanic Cloud. It was ruled out that the star came from the Milky Way.

Based on the speed of the star’s rotation measured by the discoverers, the astronomers believe that the star was originally part of a binary system. The binary could have passed close to a black hole 1,000 the mass of the Sun. As one star was pulled into the black hole, the other was whipped into frenzy and flung out of the galaxy. This is the first observational clue that a massive black hole exists somewhere in the LMC.

See also

The Frenchman Leon Foucault worked over 50 years to reach his final value, 299,796 Km/s, which is remarkably close. ASIDE: For his early work in cameras, the lens opening "F-stop" is named after him.

French physicist Leon Foucault used a similar method to Fizeau. He shone a light to a rotating mirror, then it bounced back to a remote fixed mirror and then back to the first rotating mirror. Because the first mirror was rotating, the light from the rotating mirror bounced back at an angle slightly different from the angle it initially hit the mirror. By measuring this angle, it was possible to measure the speed of the light. Foucault continually increased the accuracy of this method over 50 years. His final measurement in 1926 determined that light traveled at 299,796 Km/s. In 2008, according to the US National Bureau of Standards the speed of light is = 299792.4574 +/- 0.0011 km/s. According to the British National Physical Laboratory the speed of light = 299792.4590 +/- 0.0008 km/s

From the above website, ANTI Arabs and ANTI Muslims take note: 1,400 years ago, and without any scientific equipment at all, the speed of light was already known to be 299792.5 Km/s. It is stated in the Koran (Quran, the Holy Book of Islam) that light travels in one day the same distance that the moon travels in 12,000 lunar orbits. And since velocity = distance / time, a simple calculation reveals the speed of light to be 299792.5 Km/s. This is mathematically verifiable in less than 10 minutes:

The exact speed of light becomes relevant when you consider we are aiming exploratory vehicles towards Pluto! The more vexing problem is that SPACE is not flat, but curved in accordance with the proximity of a gravity source. PS. For shorthand, many people (me for one) use 300 million meters per second for the value of “c.”

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posted on Apr, 5 2008 @ 06:32 PM
reply to post by Fett Pinkus

the creation of the universe could well have taken place 13.5 billion years ago and the earth taken shape 4.5 billion years ago.

archaeologists have discovered 29 to 31 different levels of strata with the remains of different lifeforms in each.

the last ones containing the remains of the dinosaurs that were exterminated by an asteroid/comet strike into the gulf of mexico 65 million years ago.

scientists believe that object to have been about 6 miles in diameter.

genesis 1:1 says:in the begining G-D;Created the heaven and the earth.

the end of that verse was 65 million years ago

when verse 2 starts we come across an earth that was in a state of destruction with the land mass being under water.

what we see next is the re-Creation of the earth over 6000 years ago.

starting with the first days work it would appear that the earth had to be set in motion--spun to make a difference between daytime and night-time.

for the 2 day it was to clear up the earths atmosphere between the oceans and the clouds above

for the 3 day it was to work on the tectonic plates and bunch them together where G-D wanted the land to rise up out of the oceans and then to create grasses,herbs,trees and plants.

for the 4 day the work was to refine earths orbit of the sun to count off the year and the moons orbit of earth so it could count off the months and the orbits of sun,earth and moon aligned with the stars in heaven for signs of the passage of the 6000 years.

no point in carrying on with the other 3 days of Creation.

the main point is that there is a vast gap of time space between verses 1 and 2 of genesis chapter 1.

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 03:10 PM
reply to post by Fett Pinkus

i have a question (sorry im pig thick)

how do we know that the light we see is

A) the new old light or the old old light?

b) the light we see has not gone through some black hols and then chucked out again?

c) and i know this may sound Mad but how do we know the light has traveled in a straight line

d) Scientist have shown the speed of light is NOT constant and have even frozen it (mad!!) so light could have been faster and then slowed down as it nears a galaxy/solar system etc

Oh by the way i have no idea im just speculating.


posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by Fett Pinkus

hello there

can science prove that the speed of light is the same now as it was 6000 years ago?

when i say poof i mean documented readings? In fact when did the earlist readings take place?



posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by drevill

d) Scientist have shown the speed of light is NOT constant and have even frozen it (mad!!) so light could have been faster and then slowed down as it nears a galaxy/solar system etc

Although I admit I am highly skeptical Mr D, I still ask you to either A) explain further or to B) offer a link for me to look at.

Except in the case of gravity, I thought it was settled Einsteinian theory that the speed of light was not only constant - c - but was the absolute limit of the speed anything can travel. Help me clarify. And, can light go slower than the value of 'c'? We do know light slows as it passes through our atmosphere.


posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 10:46 AM
reply to post by yahn goodey

a very intresting idea!

but who is God as stated in the Bible?

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 12:14 PM
reply to post by Fett Pinkus

who is God as stated in the Bible?

As you know, the ancient Israelites were forbidden to utter the name (word) of GOD and instead substituted the letters Y-A-H-A wherever they meant GOD. Later translators made YAHA into Jehovah which some Christians think is the name of GOD. See Jehovah's Witnesses. Other texts in the OT say GOD's name is Elohim.

I think "GOD" in the OT Bible means THE GREAT UNKNOWN or UNKNOWABLE.

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 04:19 PM

posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by donwhite


so light is slow when gravity effects and through atmospheres?

not that constant really then? how much gravity would a stars light travel past to get here? also would/could it act like a sling shot also?


posted on Apr, 14 2008 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by drevill

so light is slow when gravity effects and through atmospheres?
not that constant really then? how much gravity would a stars light travel past to get here? also would/could it act like a sling shot also? david

The physics Speed of Light is given as in a vacuum. A perfect vacuum.

It was Einstein’s earlier theory, the Special Theory, that posited the speed of light was constant, hence the letter “c” to represent that physical quality. He was called into question since some experiments seemed to indicate that was not true.

It was later, when Einstein offered his General Theory that he made the necessary adjustments to show the Special Theory was still correct. In the General Theory Einstein said the value for “c” remains constant in all cases, but both SPACE and TIME were variable.

He offered the example of the twins, one travels very fast to a distant star and back. As the traveling twin leaves earth and looks back, it seems his brother is shrinking. Simultaneously as the earth-bound twin watches his brother speeding towards the star, he sees his brother as shrinking. It is a matter of perception. When the traveling brother returns, he will find the earth-bound brother has AGED more than he has. Going fast slows time as compared to a brother not going so fast.

Another example given relates to the Doppler Effect more readily observed in the range of sound frequencies. A train whistle example is given. As the train approaches a fixed observer, its velocity ADDS to the velocity of sound, giving a rising pitch. As the train departs the listener, its velocity SUBTRACTS from the velocity of sound giving a lower pitch to the stationary observer. But to a person on the train the pitch of the whistle does not change. Again, it is the perspective of the observer. THEREFORE, the value of “c” is constant, but the value of SPACE and TIME changes relative to the observer's mass and velocity.

The last example quoted on the recent tv show dealing with this issue was the laser on the train case. No matter how fast the passenger train runs, and regardless in which direction you point the laser, the light emitted will only go and will always go the SPEED of light. “c.” To an observer however, the laser beam may appear to shift red when departing, or shift blue when approaching. But “c” stays the same.

Cheers, Don

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