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Wheres our Aww Inspiring president?

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posted on Jul, 4 2007 @ 12:35 AM
I'll be 21 years old on the 25 of August,and i feel like i have been robbed a an aww inspiring president,or one that you can even look up to for that matter.I feel like the "best president i have gotten to experience is Clinton,and thats not saying much.What would the founding fathers say if they knew he committed adultry inside our white house.....And i wont even begin to mention our current president.
None of the future presidents seem to have that certain Reagan or JFK charm,i know im asking for a lot here but cmon at least give me a speach that motivates me as an American...
Some one ,anyone give me something to make me think that I can make a difference.I feel as though if i were to go to the whitehouse with issues i feel are important,the farthest i would get is the secratary on the phone....

I dont know i guess im trying to say i feel like we the poeple have no power anymore(if we ever did).And i want my damm president to be one children look up to and want to be...

excuse any spelling.and i think i spelled Reagan wrong?


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