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Metaphysical Key to the Soul

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posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 04:31 PM

YOU are the Master, and NOT the Mastered, that is if you desire to become a delvered soul.

I do wish to state that I am in no way trying to insult another member for their beliefs, however, I must attempt to articulate this thought patterning.

IMHO the less developed cannot form the concept of ONE God. They imagine that God divides men into two classes, friends & enemies, and rewards his friends and punishes his enemies. They make their God do just what they would do if they had the power to reward an punish. They imagine they are the chosen people and special favorites of God, and that he goes with them to battle and will help them to triumph over their enemies. Their God is a bloody and savage God, because they are bloody and savage.

This can be spoke about every major organized religion we have today, none is devoid of a masacring indoctrination somewhere throughout history. Each religion has a heirachy of some sort, with the top tier seemingly the closest living connection to the God of their choice, which is highly conveinant considering it is them who dictates the direction of their beliefs.

It has always been my opinion that religions throughout history have given out peices of the divine providence, yet attached to those peices the territorial backlash to anything outside of itself. They have been given an inch of the truth, and then told to gaurd that inch with their souls, and never let anything else in because it could be the devil. Good conditioning technique I admit.

Another interesting idea that comes to mind is the christian opinion on Eastern Relgions, which completely contrast most western organizations. As a child, I don't ever remember pastors mentioning eastern philosphy. But as I got older and started scratching the surfaces of things, I realized that the east looked at god in a diiferent way. It was more personal. That was the major difference. It was personal and it was asking you to unlock your connection with God from within you, not from within a church. It was a very different idea thanI was raised around.

Anyway, many years later I try to examine the next step in our connections with God. Can we get closer? Are we getting closer? And the most extreme, is God just the sum all of all?

For these questions to make sense one must have atleast placed one foot on their journeys to enlightenment. And let's strip the word 'enlightement' of all its cliches for a moment. I am refering to it in the context of "Broadband Speed Connection" to your spirit & your spirits connection to all.

So back to the Subject line of this thread.

"Mystical Key to the Soul"

First a bit from an icon:

Ralph Waldo Emerson was perhaps the most prominent proponent of nineteenth-century Romantic mysticism in the United States. Building on ideas ultimately derived from German philosophy and—in his later years—from the religions of the East, Emerson evolved a unique American mysticism that stressed the unity of humans with all nature. Through humans' communication with the world, Emerson argued, they could come to transcend it and recognize themselves as part of it at the same time.

mys·ti·cism (m_s't_-s_z'_m)
Immediate consciousness of the transcendent or ultimate reality or God.

It is my belief that mysticism and the entertaining of metaphysics are "Key Components" in beinging the unwinding process of your spiritual ball of yarn. You must first be able to look at mysticsim with an open mind, because those realizations are what presses the correct buttons to the soul. These words do nothing to alter anyone present day belief system, I am stating that it will EXPAND it.

Your spirit is waiting to unwind itself and make itself one with this time. Mystics and anything paranormal has forever been deemed as "of the devil." I assert that if this wasn't the case throughout history, the religious organizations around the world would not have such a grasp on the collective masses.

So to conclude, I wish to state that imagining the possibilities of the spirit, rather than focusing on the restrictions of the physical, will steadily unfold generations worth of wisdom in meer moments. And you will be better equiped to handle humanities destiny.


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posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 06:18 PM
You are you're only judge
Your lessons are your choices
Your choices create you
You create your only judge

"Insert Spirit"


posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 06:54 PM
Im liking your writings, please do continue sir!

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 09:09 PM
^ Humbled by love.

I wanted to add:

You cannot teach someone else your lessons learned, so why should we believe that our spiritual teachers should be outside ourselves? If you haven't held yourself accountable for your actions throughout your life, it will be impossible to respect yourself enough to listen with your hearts ear. When we repent to ourselves, we wash away our blockages by facing up to them and asserting that they are now beneath us, for we have progressed. Each progression will cause you to stand a littles taller, and smile a little wider, because you can feel yourself growing back into yourself, drawing more confidence daily.

It is important to face your skeletons, because they are between you and your true self. We were all born with the divine spart within, some of us fight to tear away the curtains, while others continuously put up more.

If we all looked within for a while, we'd stop lashing out.

Let your spirit out...


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