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'Greatest Story'and other UFO-Documentaries

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posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 09:33 AM
Yes! *The Greatest Story Ever Denied, is a very informative documentary, Escamillia, did a great job! I have also found (*free), "The Cosmic Plan",
and, "The Hidden Truth". But my need for "Proof", makes me want to
choose David Sereda's "Evidence The Case For NASA UFOs", as well as
"The Lectures of Phil Schneider",(any of them). There is a very wild and strange story! However, I believe in this instance (and in regard to the entire Dulce-Wars story), 'Where there's smoke there's fire, and there's just something about Phil Schneider that seems it is a truth-bearing story'.
I have noticed in the past few months, *Google-Video, doesn't have these documentaries in their entirety. Now, they are redirecting users to You-Tube, with the Videos, in sections; pt.1, pt.2, ect...
I feel fortunate to have
gotten all the Videos*free on google, including "Fastwalkers"&many others), prior to this change in Google-Video. I highly recommend
that anyone seriously interested in seeking information and knowledge,
regarding UFOs, ETs, Or EDEs should watch as many of these in any manner. All in one part, or in Ten parts; it is that important to "seeking the
truth"! For those of you with limited PC-video capabilities; there are some awsome "e-books",such as "The Rand Report-UFOs,What To Do", (*free), out there (I can tell ya where,if you're interested), that contain some very good information and documentation. Enjoy!
Peace and Cheers, LibBLVRdoc


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