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My take on the Isaac report,...

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posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 05:38 PM
First off, let me say straight out, I’m not buying any of it. This whole thing reeks of viral advertising for the Transformers. Reading the web site main page text (, confirms my suspicions; the text is saying that this technology is capable of “Transforming” its appearance and very design by employing the “alien writing, material morphing programming language.” This no doubt how the robots in the movie are able to alter their appearance on demand. TONS of work have gone into this “project”, way more than any individual hoaxer could muster, this whole affair is dripping with a designed by committee feeling.
I also would like to say that I love the transformers concept, the TV series and the soon to be released movie. (Halo too.) I don’t think anything immoral or wrong is being done by the perpetrators’ of this advertising campaign. It’s been a very stimulating experience for me and the entire UFO community, as a matter of fact I think we outperformed the expectations of the creators’ by NOT accepting the early evidence as it was presented. They probably expected the general UFO populace to go into full “Look it’s an alien craft, mode.”, but this did not happen, instead the forums and newsgroups surprisingly reacted with almost universal skepticism.
The materials presented as leaked top secret documentation are not convincing to someone with a little science background, the explanation for the anti gravity propulsion is nonexistent, the likelihood of this device being deployed after the initial sighting by Chad makes no sense whatsoever. The very concept of using alien technology to develop civilian products is too close to the Corso book, “The day after Roswell.” The claims made by Corso were entirely ridiculous. The very idea that top secret black programs would be disseminated in this manner is unlikely. There’s also the Bob Lazar angle here where questionably qualified civilians are invited to help analyze the alien equipment because the top government scientists cannot fathom the technology. While I can accept the idea of extra-terrestrial artifacts being in the possession of our government, I cannot accept this “convenient” answer to the whole Chad probe affair.
One of the things that have marked this advertising campaign from the outset has been the anonymous nature of ALL of the so called witnesses. I decided that a continuation of this trend would reinforce my conviction that this entire affair is some sort of viral advertising; all of the reports are still coming from sources that for one reason or another must be kept secret. This only makes sense if the witnesses cannot stand any kind of intense questioning. (And they keep coming in.) And now this final piece of the puzzle comes from yet another anonymous source. With the trouble that other viral ads have recently run into and the 9-11 paranoia presently gripping the country, the very idea has been a risky one, and is probably responsible for the lack of impact that the transformer movie company would have hoped for.
Since the entire event has not caused any harm, except to maybe Linda Howe, I think that overall this has been mostly fun and the mysterious craft concept was a good one. I'm not so sure that it's not a Halo 3 campaign, Transformers is my best guess.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 06:18 PM
Why open a new thread on the same subject if you are just going to give your opinion? Please use the original thread. It keeps everything nice and neat and easy to navigate.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 07:41 PM
Sorry TarvisK, I should have been clearer in my reason for starting a new thread, this one will only be for a few days since this thread is specifically about my assertion that the new Isaac web site is related to the Transformers movie. We are only three or four days away from the opening and after that, this thread will no longer be relevant. I doubt this new one will garner much attention after that.

posted on Jul, 1 2007 @ 12:06 AM
Please add this to the existing thread, simply copy paste your original post and reply to the main thread.


Thread Closed.


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