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Border Bill Prediction- not really...

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posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 02:45 AM
OK as the Title says, Not Really... This is not so much a prediction as it is almost an assured event that will happen.

PREDICTION: The Immigration Bill will pass and be signed before Bush leaves office.

The Border Bill, which I lovingly call Invasion USA, failed AGAIN this week. This second failure was not because the Senators didn't want to pass it, believe me they do want to pass it, the reason it failed again was the people spoke again and in a HUGE manner. Now they are all crying or cheering that the bill is dead until after the 2009 congressional start and the new presidential term. This is because they all know that the election cycle is getting close and that anything they do in the next year will be fresh in the voters minds and they better be on their best behavior duing the election year so as to not lose their job. This is where history has shown that my prediction is closer to the probable truth than this crapola they are all spewing about dead bill til 09...

Follow along as I guide you to what is going to happen. I believe the next two years are going to be worse in every way for Americans. The economy, health, war, border, terror, Rights, Law and a myriad of other things are all going to get worse. This will bring the fact that many of those in D.C. up for re-election will not win that fight and will be replaced by the voters. And this is where the American People get screwed big time.

I never figured out why they take 6 months or more a year off in D.C. but not the 2 months between election and being seated. And there it is!!! BANG... My prediction in whole, the Immigration bill will be passed in both houses and signed by Bush before he leaves office but after we know who the next president will be. Those lame duck congresses have put upon the people more bad and tyrannical law than all the others combined I would bet.

I think we need to make all of those running against those currently in D.C. and that seek our votes, sign a promise to pass a law that would not allow any voting on bills between the election and the next congress. They can put them on the floor and debate them or kill them in a committee, as they are oft fond of doing to all the good bills, but no final passage of any bill. or possibly just a law that said all bills passed by lame duck houses would have to be revoted on by the incoming houses.

So that is my shocker revelation to ATS members, and I might add my first attempt at this crystal ball stuff. So let me know what ya think of it, is it likely or not? Got your own prediction on the subject of that bill, or another bill that will pass during that time throw it up for us.

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 10:55 PM
Actually, I think that you might just be right on the ball on this one. As much as I detest this "not an amnesty" amnesty bill, part of me-the evil "I told you so part" wants the bill to pass just so those jokers in DC find out how much their new Americans will vote. Alas, I just don't foresee children playing latinos y gringos as we find ourselves shuffled out of a country.

Quite a number of elected officials will indeed find themselves out of a job and they will feel no shame in relatitory passage of legislation. The final two months of a presidency find many pardons handed out to undeserving individuals. While a no passage clause is a noble idea, it could lead to other problems should an emergency arise in those final two months such as a declaration of war or federal aid to a natural disaster.

Of course the much dreaded executive order that allows the president to suspend congress and the constitution and use martial law in the case of national emergency, which I would like to believe is a clarification as to when the 7th presidential power is usable. It could be used during those two month periods but then that opens the door to abuse as that is the one presidential power that has never before been used.

Personally, I feel we just need a president that would appear before congress with a copy of the constitution in hand and say here are the rules. Everything else that has been added and modified beyond this document are now null and void. Blank paper is here beside me for those that wish to resign from their office. Those that wish to continue to serve the people, welcome to America for the first time in a long time.

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