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What really Happen That Day?

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posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 02:31 AM
There is always two sides to a story

Hey everyone I would first like to say that I am very sorry for anyone that lost someone during the 911 attacks this was a horrible thing and I feel for you. I cannot say I know how it feels but I will say that I am truly sorry.

Now everyone knows that there is always two sides to a story. This is the same case when it comes to 911. We have the Bush(Government) side and then we have the Bin Laden(terrorist) side.

You May ask what does this have to do with anything let me ask you something. What his the fist thing most criminals do when they are caught doing something wrong. One will say they had nothing to do with it and it was the other person, and the other will do the same thing.

Us Government stated that they in now way had any idea that this kind of attack could have happen in the United States. Yet we know that the government was performing exercises that included the same scenario that was 911 and right after the attack government was blaming Bin Laden yet they had know clue this could happen

Bin Laden denies having any involvement with the attack and tell the US that they need to look inside the government. Yet we know that the guys that hijacked the plane were connected with his terrorist organization.

OK now we have our two parties denying involvement with the crime and both blaming the other.

Now if you read the above post we can already tell that both sides have something to do with the plot. First off we have government denying knowledge yet they know who did they attacks right after they happen. Second we have Bin Laden saying he did not have anything to do with it yet he some how knows that it was a inside job.

Both sides deny knowledge yet both have very much knowledge. That only people that have something to do with the crime would know about.

Just picture this when a cop stops a car and then when he ask the person to get out the car and they say "Man I don't have any drugs in the car, or saying they didn't do something before the cops even mention it. This is what the government did "We had no idea that a event like this could happen."

Then we have the time during a investigation that the clues start to come together and both parties faces are seen.

1.Trained Al Qaida
2.Were warned of attacks more then once before 911.
3.Performed training on ideas involving hijacked planes
We all know there are may other ways government is linked to these attacks but we would be here alllll day.

1. The 19 Hijackers were linked to Al qaida
2. Bin Laden Moved Family out of the United States
3. Bin Laden family and Bush family have close ties.

Ok now lets start putting things together now the people that hijacked the planes were able to take over four planes reroute them and crash all of them before a single US Military plane could intercept. It usually takes 20 minutes.
In order for this part of the plan to work You need to have a inside man or men you cannot pull off a near perfect crime without having inside intelligence or help.

First inside intelligence is that the US tells the hijackers that they will be performing training on this day and that it would be the perfect time for the plan. This is not something that was random that Norad was doing these exercises the day of the attacks.

Once this part of the Government side was done it was up to the terrorist to find was to get on the planes without being detected. Im not sure how this was done but for them to 19 people passed security I feel there had to be some inside information or man too. They probably knew a list of things that could get passed the security. They also flew a couple flights before 911 which could have been their test runs.

Once passed security there would be no stopping the plane because the government has already given them a pass to fly where ever needed to.
Here is information on what they did before and after getting to airport.

Now for all for of these guys to be able to get onto these planes it seems as if there must have been inside man, but also we see that here are when things start to go wrong because many of the hijackers are stopped at security gates and need additional screening. Atta almost misses his flight.

Ok now all hijackers are on there planes.

Flight 11 was the first plane to be hijacked and crashed in wtc north tower. Phone calls were made from the plane describing what was going on. And transmit ion was received from the cock pit. A flight attendant even tells what she sees right before plane hits the tower.

First mission was now complete and President Bush is informed of the first plane hitting the towers. In a interview Bush tells on himself when he says that he say the first crash on tv.

Flight 175 then Hits the second tower

Bush is informed of the second tower being a successful hit. If you watch the video of when he finds out he has a look on his face of a man that is hoping nothing gets messed up. And he has a little smerk

Then the plane hits pentagon flight 77 im sorry but there are to many witnesses to say a plane did not hit the pentagon so I do believe a plane did plus it is just easier to have a plane hit it then to try to cover it up.

And we have flight 93 in which the plane was supposedly crashed after the passengers tried to take back the plane.

So you ask me what is the point of this information. And why am i going over it.

I do believe that the government was involved in many ways with these hijackings. Government took Norad out of the picture so the terrorist could complete their missions, kept hijackers under the radar so they could prepare for the attacks, and had everything ready to convince us that we need to go to war with terrorist.

I believe it was up to the terrorist to actually complete the plan because the government did not want to have to much involvement. The hijackers had to learn to fly. Had to leave enough evidence that it

posted on Jun, 30 2007 @ 02:50 AM
it would point to them. They crashed the planes into the world trade center it was not remote they did it. They also let the passengers make those phones calls to everyone(more evidence) It is not a random thing that they accidentally pressed the wrong button and what they were saying was transmitted to air control this was all done on purpose and part of the plan the both our government and terrorist were apart of.

Now where I think the plan when wrong for the US is when the towers actually collapsed I do not feel that they really believed that the towers were going to collapse. I do not think it was controlled demo I have watched many videos on this and even though the towers fell how they did before they fall you do not see the same type of explosions you see on regular demo. Demo would have been way to obvious for buildings this big. Here is a controlled demo for something way smaller then the trade centers this would be to obvious.

I really feel that the towers actually just fell no matter how weird they fell or what you think it would look like when 100 stories falls. The fact of the matter is you don't know what it would have looked like but now you do.

Just because something has never happened before doesn't mean it cant happen there has never been a women president but it looks like its on the way. Just because you think you know doesn't mean its what would happen.

Like I said from the beginning this plane took to parties not just one. Both needed each other to accomplish this. The government kept them safe while they were planning and before the attacks. They didnt place bombs in the towers if the towers never fell and everything else happened like it did then we still would be at war I dont think the government wanted the towers to fall or that many people to die.

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