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Turkey urged over Iraq battle plan

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posted on Jun, 28 2007 @ 07:31 PM

(CNN) -- Turkey's top military commander urged his government's political leaders to make the guidelines clear if his forces are ordered across the Iraqi border to battle rebels with the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), a prospect he suggested would be helpful.


I'm only bringing this up because I found this curious:

Gen. Buyukanit said before crossing the border into northern Iraq, the government must think through what it would want its military to do if it was challenged by forces other than the PKK rebels.

emphasis mine^

Does he mean Iraqi insurgents, Syrians, Iranians, or what?
Considering Turkey is an American ally, would they
get involved in something more than the PKK?

Could this have anything to do with:
Iran Places Missles in Syria?

Any insight is appreciated.

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