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Jessie Marcell Jr. on Revolution Radio TONIGHT!!

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posted on Jun, 27 2007 @ 04:41 PM
Hi everyone. I'm new here. My name is Mike Swenson. I host a radio program called "Revolution Radio". The show airs Monday-Friday, 10pm-12am EDT directly from my website

My show and website cover different aspects of alternative media, including 9\11 truth, government corruption, the iraq war, and other governmental "dirty deeds".

Usually, I do not discuss UFO's and things of that nature on my show. However, tonight, I have Jessie Marcell Jr. as the guest on my program. Most of you know who he is, I'm sure. For those that don't, he is the son of the first commanding officer on the Roswell crash scene back in 1947. He is the author of " "The Roswell Legacy: The Son of the First Military Officer at the 1947 Crash Site Tells his Father's Story-and his Own".

I wanted to bring him on so that people can get a unique perspective into yet another aspect of government cover-ups.

I hope you will all tune in tonight, as this will prove to be an interesting program.

10p-12a EDT.

Tune in here:

Thanks! And tell your friends!


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