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Am I just paranoid?

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posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 09:01 AM
I moved into my cousin's house (they moved) about a month ago and I became paranoid with the thought of someone being in the house or more like breaking into the house. It's probably because I used to live with my parents and then I moved out into an apartment in a very good neighborhood. Now, I'm in a neighborhood that's fairly ok, but I would feel much better if it was someplace else. Anyways, it's just my fiance and I in this two story house and I keep having these feelings that I'm not safe. It can't be the fact that I keep worrying about bad stuff happening to us because of the neighborhood, but because I keep thinking there's someone or something in there with us. For example, everytime I go downstairs I keep looking towards the sofa. And I have this feeling that I have to check the basement to see if something is there before I go to bed. If I'm up in the my office I keep the door open and once in a while I would peek out and look at the empty hallway which has the stairs leading downstairs directly facing me. Occasionally I would hear something, but it might be the radiator or the foundation of the house or something like that. It's funny because if I'm watching tv downstairs I would hear the lamp behind me moving or something. It's always that lamp. I havent seen anything out of the ordinary, but it's a weird feeling. When I occasionally wake up in the middle of the night I stare at the bedroom door. We always leave it open and I have a feeling someone or something is watching us.

My parents (being asian and are very religious) believe in guardian angels. When I was younger they would tell us "angels' were watching over our house and there was one living with us. I sort of believe in it, but I really didn't experience anything weird as I do now in my cousin's house. One day I had smell a strong fragrance near this spot near the kitchen (this is in my cousin's house). On the wall hangs this "shrine" if you will where there's inscense that occasionally gets burned when you "call out" the spirits of your family members. Well, this had happened on December 27th when there was like a gathering of people in the house. i recall my cousin calling out her uncle and grandparents (it's a tradition when you have special occasions). Anyways, about a week later I smell this strong perfume near the basement door because the "shrine" is about 4 feet away hanging on the wall. Now, the inscence had already burnt out for a while, so that can't be it because I would ONLY smell it at that place. I checked again last night and I can no longer smell it. And it can't be the inscence cuz i was smelling something like perfume, and i know what inscence smells like.

You can all tell me it's because I have to get used to my new surroundings, but there's more. My mom has dreams where if she broke a tooth she knew right away someone she knew died. Well at first I was skeptic, but everytime she has this dream, within a few days she would hear news of someone dying, wether it's a friend or a friend of a friend. So, occasionally I've had thoughts of something happening. Sort of like, "wouldn't it be cool or what would happen if ..." Then maybe moments or hours later it would actually come true. It would only happen if it were a spur of the moment thing. Like, if I were to sit at a traffic light and thought of seeing a cop drive by with his sirens on or something it would happen minutes later. This has happened numerous times and it kind of scares me. Why? Because if I were to sit here and all of a sudden I thought of soemthing happening to me I'm afraid it would actually come true. Sort of like wishful thinking in a way.

Anyways, funny I'm typing this message and all of a sudden a printout of tinkerbell came out on my co-workers computer. His computer is NOT networked to the network and no he wasn't viewing any of her pictures. We just came back into the office and once he logged back into his computer and started viewing his emails the printout came out. I'm going to track down what happened. Am I paranoid? I dont' know. maybe I have a gift.

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 09:24 AM
I wouldn't call it paranoia. I think you are probably intune to some sort of spirit/magnetic field located in that house.

I get "vibes" from basically anything and everywhere. Some places just creep me out for no reason, it could be a gorgeous mansion, bright sunny and clean, but I might get a "vibe" and then I know (i have no logical way of explaining this) that this particular place isn't for me.

When I went house shopping, I relied alot on the vibes I felt from the place before making an offer.

Same applies to people. Some people regardless of how nice they are to me, just give me a bad "vibe". When I feel that I tend not associate with anymore.

for example... I went with my aunt to an at home day care center, when she was looking around for a day care for her baby. The house was nice, everything seemed right....but I instantly had a bad vibe about the lady who ran the place. I can't tell you why, but I just didn't like her. I told my aunt that when we left, and she for some reason, actually listens to me and chose not to send her baby their, even though they were close and months later, we had forgotten all about this lady and her center, we see her on the news... she was accused, later charged and found guilty of shaking a baby so severely that the child was hospitalized.

Now whenever you get that feeling about the lamp or someone watching you. Just ask it politely to stop, advise it that is no longer of this realm, and that it should leave because it does not have any power over you. be firm and polite when saying this, however if the feeling you get is a particulary bad one...then you don't need to be polite, be strong, agressive and curse it out.

and no I am not nuts!!! at least I dont think I am

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 09:36 AM
I hated it when my parents would put off a purchase on a house or car because they had to consult with "someone" and I knew who they were referring to. When we were looking for a house back in 89, they had to make sure their guardian angels approved of the house. I believe my parents have some sort of ability, but my dad has something definately in him. He would say the house didn't "look" right and it would bring bad luck. On top of the normal inspections that you would do on a house he had his own methods, and I believe him now. Before I moved into my apartment he walked out in disgust. My mom later told me he didn't like the apartment. He had bad vibes and told her that the apartment wasn't good for us. He said while nothing bad would happen he stated that we would be spending way too much money if we lived there. He told us to move out once the lease was over. Now looking back on what he said (i left this passed December) my fiance and i spent WAY TOO MUCH money on stupid things. Would I have spent the same amount of money living somewhere else? I dont know but just thinking about what my dad told my mom is kinda freaky to say the least.

Anyways, I think I caught myself talking to whatever it was when something had happened. I remember something fell off my desk while I was on my laptop. I cursed and found myself saying "stop doing that f**ker" I dont know what came about and I usually don't say stupid things out of the blue. I will remember to say something if I do hear something weird. One time I heard something fall really loud downstairs. Obviously I went downstairs scared to death and didn't see anything. I thought it came from the kitchen and realized maybe a dish moved or something in the tray. The next day I found a box that had fallen on the floor inside the basement door where I had smelled the strong fragrance!

Anyways, i realized my dad has some sort of powers if you will and my mom has her dreams and I have my own gifts as it seems. I wonder how I can work on this so that I can use it to my advantage. I can try to sit here and think of a particular person walking by but it won't work. But if I were to continue doing what I'm doing and all of a sudden it hits me then it'll actually happen. One day I'm driving and singing along to the radio. Then I thought of something "hmmm ... so and so is going to drive by me." and this person actually did!

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 10:07 AM

Since its a new house, and you just moved there you should rent/barro a magnetic meter..

Becouse magnitics has a wierd effect on the brain, where it seams like someones there ones there nothin..

also, are there high voltige powerlines close by?

Iv seen and felt ghosts a few times so i nbot saying at all there fake, but more then not its just the brain being tripped up from eltrical/magnitice forcses...

this is proven fact easy recrated in a lab

PS:sorry for horrible spelling/grammer i have the flue and my spelling disability seamed to have got 2x worse

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 10:39 AM
high voltage power lines? Nothing out of the ordinary I've seen outside. I just thought of something, there's an abandon hospital a block down. I read in another post where spirits would walk through to get to where they want to go. But I definately feel something or someone in the house.

My dad told me when I was younger that someone lives in our house but it doesnt bother us. I felt safe at home but thats because it's home where my parents are also living.

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 11:05 AM
That's interesting about the manifestation of your thoughts on the spur of the moment.

I just recovered from a cold. About a week before I got it, I was thinking about a committment I wanted to get out of. I was just thinking it was a nuisance all the time. It wasn't a big deal but I guess I was just feeling unmotivated at the time with my holiday coming up. So about 2 days before this committment, I got the cold.

Could just be a coincidence but sometimes when there are enough of these coincidences happening, it gives you cause to wonder.

posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 11:32 AM
Like someone said, meditation helps. I'll sit there watching the tv and my mind is clear of everything that is currently happening in my mind. I'll enjoy the tv show and I'll see something and relate it to my life. "Oh ... wouldn't it be weird if so and so came knocking on the door." low and behold someone would come minutes later.

now if only i can work on this happening when I want it to! maybe i can predict the future!

[Edited on 8-1-2004 by lilcam]

posted on Jun, 8 2008 @ 02:35 AM
reply to post by lilcam

Look for markings around there the most activity is (cut marks, fingernail scrapes, etc.) you may be surprised and a bit creeped out

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels these vibes

But pay attention
It's trying to tell you something and you are just trying to ignore it rather than understand it
--And figure more out about the people who lived in the house before you

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