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Snow and Ashes

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posted on Jan, 8 2004 @ 03:35 AM
A wise man once said "Nothing purifies quite like fire."

Damn, he was right.

It was a nice night out. It was snowing gently outside, little flakes. The powdering of white on everything created a unreality to the entire situation. I felt like a balloon - flying through the air of that night, but tethered to the ground. Yes, tethered. The more I knew, the less I wish I had. She had betrayed me. At first, it didn't so bad. She had merely left me. It was to be expected, I suppose. All relationships have their rocky periods. One day, two.

Another passed. I scanned my contacts to her. I was angry, but She had made her choice I figured. I figured, at least until I heard about the other guy. She had left me for him. The knife jammed in my heart twisted ninety degrees. It was unbearable. I concentrated on ignoring the pain, hiding it.

I couldn't.

So I took down the pictures, hid the notes. Tried to forget.

Then one of my brethren came online. My proverbial sister was distraught, drunk. Sister Ashley claimed She took one of hers. Betrayal upon betrayal. I could bear no more. I had to be rid of it- the stain she had left on me. Treachery like Hers didn't make for bad blood- it made for bloodshed.

I grabbed my knife, the one that had tasted my own blood so many times, and shredded everything that She had touched. It was still not enough. That's how I wound up outside, lighter from a pack of Colts in my hand and the remains of every possession I had held dear because of her smoldering on the glistening snow. I watched it all burn until it was nothing more than ashes blowing across the beautiful, clean snow. Come morning, even those stains would be gone. The hardest part is yet to come. I must cleanse her from my mind, from my very memories. She deserves not even my good, honest hatred. She will cease to exist. When She comes to me again, I will spit on Her, revile Her, then exile Her back to the void whence She came.

Where She had been, there will be oblivion.

It is the worst I can hope for Her- total, utter oblivion.

With some luck, She will get what She deserves- that and worse.


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